HS Vantaa Drivers squatting in their cars took over the square and the sidewalk in Myyrmäki, Vantaa: “It is incomprehensible that people take the square in this way”

Motorists are constantly parking illegally on Totheme Square in Myyrmäki, Vantaa. At its worst, the square has 12 cars at the same time.

Motorists constantly parked illegally on Totheme Square in Myyrmäki, Vantaa.

There is a parking ban in the square and you can only drive there through the plots of the adjacent residential buildings or Myyrmäenraitti and Noropolku, both of which are light traffic lanes.

Some motorists also use Myyrmäenraitti as a parking space.

”Mun thinks it is utterly incomprehensible for people to be deprived of a square in this way, ”says a resident of the house near Toteemiaukio Jorma Partanen.

According to Partanen, there are cars in the square every day. He sees there directly from the balcony of his apartment. There have been a maximum of 12 cars in the square at the same time.

Some of the motorists are food couriers and taxi drivers, some are customers of the restaurant on the corner of the square.

“For some reason, this crew thinks it’s their right to have a car in front of the restaurant.”

“I emphasize that the restaurant is of a good standard. It has led customers to come with their cars to it. ”

Partasen according to food dispatchers and taxi drivers may wait in their car for up to an hour.

“It feels like taxi drivers consider the square a resting place.”

Partanen says that there are four customer seats on the other side of the house.

“When the square is full of cars, these places are usually empty.”

Auction in the vicinity there is Uomarinne school and Kuohupuisto playground. From the school there are stairs directly to Myyrmäenrait, from where motorists drive to the square.

“In the fall, elementary schoolers rush straight to it when they get out of school. If it travels 50 cars a day, it is a safety risk. ”

According to Partanen, motorists often flee at a fast pace when parking enforcement comes on the scene.

“When the parking control goes through it, the cars leave. When the parking control leaves, the cars will be back in 15 minutes. ”

Partanen is also concerned that the cars will block the access of the rescue service to nearby houses in the event of an emergency.

As one on the day Partanen sat in the square for an hour and a half in a place where motorists could not pass him.

“I interpret this as meaning that as a Vantaa resident I have every right to use the square in that way.”

“Almost all the motorists who saw me turned away.”

The square has a fountain. Admittedly, it has been without water for several years.

“Still, it’s a children’s playground. I would rather watch the children playing in the square than twelve cars. ”

Vantaa urban engineer in the urban environment industry Henry Westlin says parking in the square has received feedback from the city earlier this week. He does not remember that the matter had previously been complained about in the direction of the city.

“I put a message to the parking lottery about this and they will start monitoring this square more actively.”

Westlin says it is up to the police to control driving on light traffic lanes and plots.

“The drive connection runs through the plots, so it’s hard for the city to intervene.”

According to Weslin, the parking ban could be strengthened by adding a no-parking sign to the square.

“I got a message from the parking inspector that this has also been going through with the restaurant operator in the square.”



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