HS Vantaa A sad sight on a sledge hill in Vantaa: At the foot of the hill there were piles of destroyed sledges

Möskär’s mountaineers abandoned a dozen slingshot sleds next to the trash.

Graduation invoices Simonkylä’s Möskär hill ended in a miserable sight. Several sledges and other landing gear were abandoned under the hill.

Sticks on Thursday morning walk photographed Esa Hakulinen says all the abandoned sleds were twigs.

“A dozen sledges hung on the ground, all cracked and some were missing pieces.”

Hakulinen doesn’t like littering nature, but is pleased that the sleds were even bothered to put next to the trash. From there, they hope to get to the right place and not be left to settle in nature.

At the age of 75, Esa Hakulinen no longer cares about sledding, but many others do. Möskäri is one of Vantaa’s most popular toboggan runs. According to Hakulinen, the hill is buzzing as soon as it snows in the area.

“As an Epiphany, there was an awful crowd on the hill. There were so many cars that some of them were parked at the bus turning point so that the buses could not turn properly. ”

Irrelevant parking at the bus turning point has caused the message in the past. When the first fitness steps in Vantaa were installed in the area, the turning point for cars was filled.

Traffic signs were then placed in the area to guide and restrict parking in order to make parking more orderly and to speed up the cycle. Despite this, the turning point is filled from time to time by visitors ’cars.

Regional engineer for traffic in the city of Vantaa Jarmo Pajunen says the city will be monitoring the situation at least this winter.

“Now that we get a decent snowy winter, let’s see how parking spaces are sufficient for skiers. Last winter was so unhappy that there were no skiers either. ”

Currently, the area can accommodate about 20 cars. It is possible to expand the parking area if it appears that the area is constantly full. To the southeast of the sand field is an area marked in the town plan as a public parking area, so it is possible to make more parking spaces there.


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