HS Vantaa A poor Vantaa mother wondered how to create even a little Christmas for her children – Then a group of strangers appeared who saved the day.

Facebook has created message threads in the Vantaa, Helsinki and Espoo groups, where those who need and offer help can meet. Thanks to a donation of ten euros, you can get food on the table.

In social media The organized Christmas fundraisers are of great importance to Vantaa residents To Minna Ahose, 35.

Ahonen, who lives in Hakkila, is now very financially tight due to unemployment, but the mailbox will have Christmas catalogs with swaying dining tables and gift mounds.

The world presented to Ahonen in the flyers is currently a utopia.

“It’s a big dream that sometimes my own Christmas would look like that.”

Ahosen you have to postpone the due dates of the bills and ask for them to be paid in smaller installments in order to buy food for the table.

In order for her to organize even a little Christmas for her children, she has asked for Christmas help through social media. Facebook on different city bus radios and neighborhood groups have Christmas aid chains where those who give help and those in need can meet.

In Vantaa, low-income people are helped with Christmas purchases, at least on Facebook In the birch shoot group and published on Vantaa Bus Radio on 5 December in the Christmas supply chain. The founder of Puskaradio’s Christmas aid chain attracted people like this:

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“Let’s take care of each other. This chain allows you to offer and ask for help. Be it for food, cleaning or even Christmas. ”

Also The Facebook groups in Espoo and Helsinki have several announcements urging people to help with Christmas food and gifts.

For example, in the Lauttasaari group asked for help thus:

“Many families with children thus have a tight money even at Christmas and even a shortage of food. Christmas may not be expected with great joy. Last Christmas, hundreds of children came to Christmas thanks to toy donations from Lauttasaari. Would it be the same this year? ”

The Christmas Aid in Espoo community publishes Christmas aid requests on its Facebook page and connects those in need and helpers. “Gifts don’t have to be new, but in good condition,” its pages state.

Gift packages brought to the Christmas tree collection in Helsinki in 2017.

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Minna Ahonen says she has already received gift packages from an unknown donor for her two – year – old and two elementary school children.

The packages were arranged for Ahose Anne Timonen, which has set up the Help for Families with Children (Koivunverso) group on Facebook.

“I founded such a group in Vantaa, which mainly offers clothing assistance, when the nearest Hope is in Helsinki. Korona has pushed the families really cramped, and Hope is just full. In an acute situation, we have distributed food and toys with the help of helpers, ”says Timonen.

Hope – Combine & Common Association is a charity that helps low-income families with children in Finland.

Minna Ahonen he does not know what is in the packages organized by Timonen, but he had previously told the dolls that the older children wanted goods and care items. It would be nice for even the smallest to have a toy related to learning rhymes.

”16. the day i am seeing an older woman who has promised to buy us a christmas ham. We go shopping together and buy ham. ”

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Getting help from Ahos feels both humiliating and gratifying at the same time.

“It’s really humiliating to ask for help, even though I have no choice. When I get help, I feel a sense of relief. It’s a wonderful thing that there are people who want to help. ”

Ahonen hopes that people who have the opportunity to help will wake up to do the same. He thinks people who have themselves been in a predicament in a financial situation themselves will help.

“Helpers are kind-hearted.”

Even a small amount of money helps when the money is simply not enough.

“Ten euros is already real money. Because our family gets food for a couple of days. ”


Home for the well-off is full of stuff that doesn’t fit in closets – Leena Luostarinen collects donations in Kauniainen and distributes them to the needy

The year of the corona increased the desire to help, and Christmas opened the cords of many purses: “A difficult year for all of us has aroused the desire to take care of others”

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