HS Tuusula Why do vaccinations for the elderly drag on in trackside communities? Residents embarrassed in Tuusula, where only a fraction of 70-79-year-olds have been vaccinated

Modern delivery difficulties have caused delays in the area of ​​the Central Uusimaa Sote-municipal Association. Residents of the municipalities of Keusote have marveled at the different rates of vaccination in the Hus area.

Central Uusimaa In the municipalities of the sote consortium, corona vaccinations have progressed much more slowly than elsewhere in Uusimaa.

There is a difference, especially in the vaccinations of people aged 70-79, as mass vaccinations in this age group have not yet started in the Keusote group.

In Helsinki, on the other hand, vaccination of 70-74-year-olds began in the second week of March.

Keusoteen The municipalities included are Hyvinkää, Järvenpää, Mäntsälä, Nurmijärvi, Pornainen and Tuusula.

In Tuusula, only 4.6 per cent of 70-79-year-olds have been vaccinated, while in neighboring Kerava the corresponding figure is 28 per cent. Figures are from Thursday.

Doctor responsible for infectious diseases Paula Kosonen Keusote says vaccinations for 70-79-year-olds in the consortium will begin on Monday, March 22nd.

According to Kosonen, the residents have wondered about the different pace of vaccination schedule.

“Feedback from the residents has quite rightly come from why vaccinations for different groups are opened at different times in the Hus area. I also think that the municipalities in the Hus area should be treated equally. ”

Also There are differences between the municipalities in Keusote in the extent to which people aged 70-79 have received vaccines. In Pornais, for example, 11 percent of the age group has been vaccinated.

However, the figures look different when looking at the amounts of vaccines given instead of the percentages.

According to the vaccine register, 163 people in the 70-79 age group have received the vaccine in Tuusula, while 44 people have received the vaccine in Pornais.

Until now, those vaccinated in this age group have been residents of the housing service unit, home care clients, and caregivers.

There are different amounts belonging to these groups in different municipalities.

The graphics below show the extent to which different age groups have been vaccinated by municipality.

The reason is Keusote the slower rate of vaccination is that not enough vaccines have been received in the area. This is due to the decision of the Hus pharmacy to distribute the Pfizer-Biontech vaccine to larger municipalities and the Moderna vaccine to the framework municipalities.

The Keusote area was to become Moderna.

“However, modern vaccine batches have not arrived due to delivery difficulties,” says Kosonen.

The Hus pharmacy has distributed some replacement doses of Pfizer-Biontech vaccine to Keusote, but there have still been few vaccines compared to other municipalities in the Hus area.

Now the situation will be rectified when more Pfizer-Biontech vaccine is also delivered to the Keusote area. The elderly, ie those over the age of 70, are vaccinated in the Keusote area with this vaccine.

The Astra Zeneca vaccine will also be available in the area, but in smaller quantities than expected. In addition, there is uncertainty about future items. Therefore, Astra Zeneca’s vaccine is not used to vaccinate the elderly, says Kosonen.

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Approximately 29,000 doses of vaccine are expected to be received in the Keusote area within five weeks. Kosonen estimates that all people over the age of 70 will be vaccinated by mid-April, ie within THL’s target schedule.

There are currently less than 19,000 unvaccinated people over the age of 70 in the Keusote area.

Kosonen urges to book a vaccination time online at koronarokotusaika.fi. Telephone appointment booking is also in use, but Kosonen hopes that online appointment booking would be preferred if possible.

“This also speeds up these things from the local government’s point of view.”

Municipal specific Vaccination data by age group will also be reflected in HS’s new, daily updated graphics.

You can search for the municipality you want from the list below. In addition, you can arrange the municipalities in order of size according to which municipality has the highest or lowest number of people in that age group. You can change the order by clicking on the desired age group.

You will also find updated vaccine graphics in HS’s daily Infection situation today story.

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