HS Tuusula The witchcraft of this man is heard from afar: Some see Santeri Ahlgren as a “brutal mess,” but a restaurateur marinated in turmoil has an unprecedented career behind him.

Santeri Ahlgren keeps a personal tavern in Tuusula, where everyone seems to have an opinion about a man. Now she is repeating her incredible career, during which she has even sung the Queen of Malaysia.

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Santeri Ahlgren has been running Pub Headquarters since 2008.

Lasse Kivinen HS


Tuusulan Hyrylä has a personal tavern, Pub Headquarters. On the ground floor of the detached house, the pub is run by a colorful Romani, Manne TV known Santeri Ahlgren.

Her real first name is Jukka, but everyone knows her as Santer.

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