HS Tuusula Kalle Ikkelä was elected mayor of Tuusula in the midst of municipal money laundering: “The situation is unknown to everyone”

The Tuusula council elected Ikkelä as mayor at its meeting on Monday.

Tuusulan the new mayor is Kalle Ikkelä (kok). The Tuusula council elected Ikkelä as mayor at its meeting on Monday.

Ikkelä has a master’s degree in engineering and has an MBA in marketing from the Helsinki School of Economics. He worked as an information management manager in the asphalt company Asfalttikallio Oy before becoming a full-time mayor.

The new mayor sees the practical implementation of the SOTE reform as Tuusula’s biggest challenge in the coming council term.

“In the beginning of the term of office, it will become clear what effect the welfare area of ​​the social reform will have on the residents and the municipality. We also do not know what will happen to the financing of the sote service area. The situation is unknown to everyone, ”Ikkelä predicts.

The population of Tuusula has increased due to the move. Ikkelä sees it as important that the development continues in the same way.

“We need to make sure the school and kindergarten network is in order. Tuusula has also invested in the workplace area and the workplace area will be developed in the future. ”

Tuusula’s municipal policy was controversial in recent years. Ikkelä believes that co-operation will work well in the beginning of the term.

“The collaboration has started well when all groups approved the mayoral program for the upcoming term. I am confident that a similar development will continue. ”

The council elected the first deputy mayor Tuija Reinikainen (Tupu) and secondly Jari Immosen (ps).

Tuusula’s political groups have agreed that the deputy mayors will serve for the years 2021–2023, after which changes will take place in key positions of trust. The changes do not affect the role of mayor.

Ikkelä is the second mayor in the history of Tuusula when the municipality switched to the mayoral model in 2017. The first mayor was the 2017-2021 parliamentary term. Arto Lindberg (sd.).

Lindberg will serve as chairman of the council for the incoming term.



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