HS Tuusula 10-year-old boys went to ask about a car standing on the road, why it doesn’t move

A man in his fifties threatened 10-year-old boys with a knife in Hyrylä, Tuusula.

July towards the end of 2018, two 10-year-old boys were on the move with their bicycles in Hyrylä, Tuusula. They drew attention to the car that was standing waiting for the traffic lights to change.

Despite the green light, the car did not start for some reason. The boys decided to ask the people in the car for a reason.

A man in his fifties sitting in the car driver’s seat opened the car door at this point and took out the knife. For he began to waver towards the boys. He seemed drunk and aggressive.

The boys were startled and did not set out to cross the shelter, but turned in the other direction.

The same at a traffic light, a person in another car saw the situation and called the emergency center. He also stopped to reassure the very frightened boys.

He remained in line of sight with the knife-wielding man until the police patrol arrived and arrested the man.

With a knife accompanied by a man who had passed away, there was a woman who later found out the contact details of the other minor boy and contacted him. He downplayed the things the boys saw on the phone.

The boy was left with serious trauma from the events. He said he feared the man and woman would appear behind his window or approach him in other ways.

At interrogations, a man in his fifties claimed he had not threatened the boys. He had opened the car door because he wanted to return to the liquor store where he had just entered. He admitted that he had had a knife in his hand, but it was only in his hand that he had just opened a bottle of beer with it.

Eastern Uusimaa District Court took a position on the matter in March 2021.

The district court did not find the man’s story credible. The stories of both the boys and the person who witnessed the incident were essentially the same.

“The work has caused fear in the children and it has been able to make them feel insecure. The act is also likely to cause a general feeling of insecurity in society. In view of the above, the district court considers the act to be very serious and reprehensible. ”

The district court also ruled on the man’s numerous other crimes. Among other things, he had refueled his car and left the place without paying several times.

From a store in Kerava, he took plush toys and a suitcase for more than 200 euros. He then left without paying. In addition to this, he was caught in aggravated drunk driving as well as a minor firearms offense.

Man received a total of five months’ absolute imprisonment for the illegal threat in Tuusula and for his other crimes. The verdict also took into account his numerous previous imprisonments from 2010-2018.

The man was not satisfied with his verdict, but appealed to the Helsinki Court of Appeal. However, the Helsinki Court of Appeal did not see any reason to grant permission for further proceedings in the case. Consequently, the judgment of the district court remains permanent.



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