HS Turku | Turku spectacularly shows support for Ukraine on the country’s independence day

Turku shows support for Ukraine by lighting Kirjastosilla blue-yellow.

City of Turku celebrates Ukraine’s Independence Day by lighting Kirjastosilla blue-yellow and flying Ukrainian and Finnish flags on Auransilla and Myllysilla. Ukraine’s Independence Day is celebrated today, August 24.

The city announced this on Twitter yesterday.

The bridge was first illuminated with the colors of the Ukrainian flag in February, when Russia invaded Ukraine. The blue-yellow lighting continued throughout the spring before the bridge’s lighting went on hiatus for the summer. The lighting of the autumn season started last week.

For the time being, the bridge will remain in the colors of the Ukrainian flag, if special themed lighting has not been agreed upon. For example, this week the bridge has rainbow-colored lighting on other days in honor of Turku Pride.

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