HS Turku Turku grocery store hides battles about Ukraine’s war: “We want to protect the little ones in the family”

The purpose of the rapture is not to limit news coverage but to protect children from shocking content, the merchant says.

Turku resident K-Market Littoinen decided to hide the battles about the war in Ukraine from its magazine rack.

“We want to protect the little ones in the family from pictures and news that are unnecessary for them, and that’s why we don’t display the afternoons of the afternoon papers for now,” reads a tag hanging on the store’s magazine stand instead of advertising posters.

The leaves are also turned on the rack with the lid side down.

Merchant of K-Market Littoinen Jonna Holopainen says there is concern for children behind the decision. She herself is a mother of young children.

“We have a kindergarten opposite the shop and a school very close. The bumps are at a suitable height for the little ones in the family who can’t even read. ”

The magazines the covers could be more subtle in a crisis situation, Holopainen thinks.

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“The most shocking pictures could be left out of the cover.”

As an example, he cites images of a bloody face and exploded military equipment.

Holopainen emphasizes the importance of communication and the daily newspapers are normally on sale, although their covers are not visible as soon as they enter the store.

“We want to give parents a chance to decide how a child will face news coverage of the war in Ukraine,” he explains.

Advertising posters The removal update has received widespread attention trade on your Instagram account.

The feedback has been mainly positive, and it has come both on social media and face-to-face, Holopainen says.

He has noticed on social media that many other stores have done the same and removed the bumps from view.

Sodan However, serious things like this should be told to children, Holopainen emphasizes. After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, many adults have had to consider how to talk about the subject to the youngest members of the family.

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The children should be told about the war, taking into account their level of development, Doctor of Psychology Eija Palosaari said last Thursday to HS. Kindergarten age can be told less than a schoolchild.

It’s not worth trying to keep children from completely ugly things, because they’re likely to hear about the conflict from somewhere else. Therefore, it is better for a familiar and safe adult to tell you about difficult things.

“However, I would not leave to give any presentation on the war or the political situation. In the case of children, we prefer to try to answer when the child asks, ”Palosaari said.

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