HS Turku | There is an abandoned house in a valuable area in Turku, which is watched over by surveillance cameras – HS Turku found out what it is about

The house is located in an area that HS chose as the best place in Turku earlier in the spring.

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Turku in the center of Uudenmaankatu, there is a red brick house, which seems to be empty. The building has three floors and a tall antenna seems to rise from its roof.

The house is located in an area that HS chose as the best place in Turku earlier in the spring. Still, judging from the outside, the building seems deserted.

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Why is there a house without life in a valuable area?

It is known that the building was at least previously connected to telephone traffic. Turku Sanomat published column by the building was eventually completed as the telephone company’s remote exchange.

The mystery building is located on the busy Uudenmaankatu between two residential buildings.

The newspaper left on the door was dated May 22. The picture was taken at the beginning of July.

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Yet In the early 2010s, the building was decorated with a Sonera sign. By calling the telecom operator, which has changed its name to Telia, it becomes clear that the company sold the property in 2011 to Kiinteistö Oy Turku Teletalo and remained a tenant in the building.

The property had ended up with Telia-Sonera in the 2000s, when Auria from Turku merged into the company.

Timo Saxén From Telia’s communications, it says that the company still rents network equipment spaces in the property, but other operations have been moved out of there. According to him, there are only a few Telia network devices left in the building.

“Just normal network devices that are found in many other places,” Saxén describes.

According to Saxén, the other rooms in the house are rarely used.

HS Turku tried to reach the chairman of Kiinteistö Oy Turku Teletalo through several routes without success.

The man is also the chairman of Kiinteistö Oy Teletalo in Kouvola and Kiinteistö Oy Vetokuja in Vantaa. Both companies are bankrupt. In addition, he is the chairman of one and a board member in two different housing stock companies.

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The current place of residence of the man who previously had an influence in the capital region is marked as Spain.

Turku Sanomat investigated the backgrounds of Turku Teletalo in September 2021. The chairman contacted by the newspaper said at the time that the property served “confidential national security interests”.

The gate leading to the building’s backyard was open at the time of filming.

State yes, he owns a cave near the building, which once served as the telephone company’s remote exchange.

About the special task company Finland’s separate networks, which provides telecommunication services to the authorities, it is said that the company has operations in caves, but the facilities are not connected to the real estate on the ground. In the light of what the company said, it seems that the talk about national security is an exaggeration.

“There (in the cave) are the production systems of Finnish telecom operators,” comments the company.

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The state bought the cave premises from Telia in 2011, while Teletalo itself was sold to a real estate limited company. The Teletalo and the dungeon are separate properties.

The cameras monitor the backyard of the building.

The city of Turku confirms that there have been discussions about demolishing the building.

In the station plan Commercial construction has been indicated on the Teletalo plot. Land use planner of the city of Turku Juha Lipponen says that there have been discussions with the landowner about changing the formula.

“They tried to get an exemption for residential construction, but it didn’t happen,” says Lipponen.

However, the city has not yet received applications for a plan change or a demolition permit.

Lipponen considers it likely that the formula change could be accepted.

According to the separate networks, the possible construction would not have a significant impact on the operation of the cave.

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