HS Turku | The mother noticed that memorabilia had been stolen from the child’s grave – Then she went to follow the tracks in the snow

Pitkäkyntinen usurped the mementos of a child buried in the Kärsämäki cemetery. The mother got the rest of the jewelry back by following the tracks left by the thief in the snow.

Mother from Turku was visiting his child’s grave at Kärsämäki cemetery on Thursday. As he approached the grave, he noticed an unknown person by the tombstone. At first, she assumed the person was the parent of one of her child’s school friends.

It wasn’t, but the young woman was at the grave, usurping memorabilia.

The Turku father tells HS Turku about what happened on the condition of anonymity. The family’s 11-year-old child was buried in June.

The child’s grave has been the brightest grave in the cemetery during the winter, because the relatives have visited the grave every day. In addition to candles, souvenirs have been brought to the grave, such as a handmade branch with jewelry made by the deceased’s relatives.

“My wife told the woman that it is not appropriate to go to the graves of people you don’t know and rummage through things. After that, the woman put down the jewelry in her hand and quickly left the place,” says the father.

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After that, the mother noticed that numerous pearl jewelry was missing from the grave. He went after the thief with his daughter. The woman was traveling with another woman and two young children.

Kärsämäki cemetery was quiet on Monday early evening.

“My wife and daughter followed the tracks of the stroller in the snow and asked the oncoming dog walkers for help. They were shown the direction of the women, but still the women managed to disappear,” says the father.

As if by chance, the pursuers noticed the group going into the stairwell of a nearby apartment building. The daughter tried to run to the door before it closed but didn’t have time.

“One of the women noticed that someone was trying to get in and kindly came to open the door. His expression changed when he noticed my wife coming into the stairwell.”

The mother from Turku firmly stated that stealing from a grave is an extremely outrageous act. One of the women gave back the jewelry she stole, but first accused another child of stealing it.

The pursuers took a few more pictures of the women before the situation ended. The father from Turku looked at the pictures in the evening and noticed other objects in the pictures that might have come from the cemetery.

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“There was, for example, a grave lantern in the lower part of the chariot. I wrote a Facebook update about what happened, and I have received several messages about the goods,” says the father.

The father says that a person from Turku recognized the grave lantern from his father’s grave, and according to another contact, the cypress with lights was possibly stolen from his son’s grave.

A candle burning at the Kärsämäki cemetery on Monday.

Chief Gardener Teemu Vähä-Piikkiö The parish association of Turku and Kaarina says that thefts of memorabilia are rare in Finnish cemeteries.

“I remember one wave of thefts from Central Uusimaa, when bronze birds were taken from tombstones. Fortunately, cemeteries can be left alone from all this. Fortunately, because things related to the cemetery are delicate and important,” says Vähä-Piikkiö.

Employees of the parish association do not remove memorials from graves except in exceptional cases. Only disposable candles are collected no later than after the snow melts in spring.

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“In the days between Christmas, we organize a talk day with the scouts, when we try to collect disposable candles,” says Vähä-Piikkiö.

In some cemeteries, it has been hoped that the relatives will clean the broken memorabilia from the grave within a couple of months.

Several people have written jewelry theft updates in the comments about items missing from their loved ones’ graves. Thefts have occurred both in Turku and in other parts of the country.

The defendants say that various memorial and decorative objects, such as candles with a dimmer switch, a concrete heart decoration and a candle holder, have disappeared from the graves of their relatives.

“Such thefts don’t really cause a big financial loss to anyone, but the upset and shock when a relative’s grave has been visited by thieves,” says the father from Turku.

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