HS Turku | The district heating pipe broke: A cold morning shower for some Turku residents

One year in Turku, hundreds of liters of water spilled into the street in the morning when the district heating pipe started leaking at six in the morning. The morning showers could stay cool in the homes connected to district heating in Turku, Raisio, Naantali and Kaarina.

Turku a district heating pipe that broke early Thursday morning near the bus station released hundreds of cubic meters of water into the street and affected the morning activities of people in the area of ​​district heating in Turku, Raisio, Kaarina and Naantali.

The rescue service was alerted to the scene at six in the morning. The pipe was closed an hour later at seven in the morning.

Operating engineer at Turku Energia Lasse Sihvo said after eight in the morning that although a more precise location is still in progress, the leak point has been located in the blocks near the bus station.

“At the moment, customers in the district heating area are without heat from the intersection of Kauppiaskatu and Läntinen Pitkäkatu towards the bus station and then from the corner of Brahenkatu and Tuureporinkatu towards the bus station.”

Before when the fault could be located and limited, the leak caused disruptions to the distribution of district heating and domestic hot water in the entire district heating network area in Turku, Raisio, Naantali and Kaarina.

Sihvo says that the reasons for the pipe breaking are still unclear.

“There may have been other excavation works in the area, other cables were dug or a house was built. Corrosion damage is also an alternative. We will figure this out.”

District heating started to be used in Turku in the 1980s. According to Sihvo, somewhere in Turku there may still be old pipelines in use.

Until the pipe damage can be repaired, customers who live near the Turku bus station and are covered by district heating are without district heating. There is no warm water from the shower and tap and the radiators do not heat up.

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“Fortunately, it was this warm this morning, almost 15 degrees. Could have been too from the cold.”

According to Sihvo, this morning’s leak was exceptionally large.

“At least there hasn’t been anything similar in this downtown area for years.”

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