HS Turku One and the same Volkswagen has been encountered at least ten times in the center of Turku – A midwife student who was blissfully unaware of the fate of his car was revealed in the background

The gray Volkswagen, which was already parked in a parking lot in Turku, has been hit by several cars. The owner of the car had no information about the incidents.

HS reported on Thursday about the gray Volkswagen Beetle, which has already been hit by at least ten cars in front of the Turku office building on Paavo Nurmi park road.

That Beetle has been parked in the Park, and other cars have slipped on its side on a slippery hill.

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Now the owner of the mystery car has been found. The parking lot in question is free and unlimited in time, which is why the Beetle ended up there.

“I study to be a midwife in Turku and it is quite expensive here, parking spaces are expensive for housing associations. That’s why we’ve had to look for all the possible free parking spaces that are here, ”the car owner Elina Lehto says.

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Of the free parking spaces, this is the closest to his home. Lehto had no information about accidents in the parking lot until a moment ago.

“It came to me on March 13th. a text message from an insurance company. That is the only message I have received from the insurance company about any of these events, ”says Lehto.

Lehto then went to inspect the car, but there were no scratches or defects, and he forgot the whole thing. After that, he didn’t drive his car until this week.

Thursday Lehto began to be asked whether the car in HS’s case was his.

“Of course, I went in the evening to see what the situation was, and I collected my fan mail from there,” Lehto says with a laugh.

In a fan post, he refers to three patches left on the car’s windshield where other motorists acknowledged the collisions in the parking lot.

When Lehto went to see the car, it was already dark.

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“In that front corner on the left, it looked like that little scratch, but when I wiped it, it left. There was nothing in it, ”says Lehto.

Leho has had the car for a long time, he bought it from a used car dealership. He has tried to sell his car a couple of times already because keeping a car downtown as a student “doesn’t make terrible sense”.

“But it hasn’t gone on sale,” he says.

Lehto put Beetle to a few days ago because gasoline prices have been so high lately.

“I’ve decided to always use it occasionally, and I have it idle every couple of months at a time when I’m not using it.”

One The Turku resident owns the cars that crashed To Arttu Hannukoski, who tried to reach the car owner using Facebook. However, it did not succeed.

Hannukoski searched for the owner’s information based on the car’s registration number and approached four people from Turku with the same name. On Friday morning, I finally got tired when Lehto contacted Hannukoski.

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“I’m damn happy I got peace of mind. Now he knows that the damage has happened, ”says Hannukoski.

Hannukoski’s car did not survive the collision without scratches. He wonders how there are no traces in Lehto’s car “if it has been hit so much”.

“How can it be that kind of tank this New Beetle?” He says.

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