HS Turku | Negligence is suspected in the case of the disappearance of the Baltic Princess – This is what the likely crash site looks like

A man in his twenties disappeared from the Baltic Princess just over a week ago. The Coast Guard of Western Finland is now investigating whether the rescue operations on the ship were properly initiated.

Maritime Guard of Western Finland suspects that the rescue operations on the Baltic Princess were not started without delay and properly.

A Finnish man in his twenties disappeared from the ship a little over a week ago. At the time of the disappearance, the ship was on a PeIsKä cruise organized by Turku University economics students.

The man had climbed on top of the structures on top of the Disco Club located on the top deck from the outside.

The Disko Klubi nightclub is surrounded by an outdoor sun deck, which is partially covered. According to the shipping company, the man had climbed on top of the glass cover surrounding the nightclub.

The glass roof leads directly into the sea from the sides of the ship. At the stern of the ship, a glass roof leads to the sun deck.

The shipping company was notified of the man’s disappearance at three o’clock in the morning. According to the informant, the man was last seen on top of the night club structures.

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According to the shipping company, after the announcement, the ship began to investigate surveillance camera recordings and search for the man inside the ship.

The Coast Guard was not alerted until four hours after seven in the morning.

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The disco club is surrounded by a glass roof that extends from the sides of the ship directly into the sea.

Turku head of the crime prevention unit Mika Laapio The Coast Guard of Western Finland tells you in general what to do on a ship if it is suspected that a person has fallen from the ship into the sea.

“The ship should initiate immediate rescue operations and notify the authorities without delay. That’s the essence of it, that our helicopters and all other units can be sent there to assist and search for that person.”

According to him, normal rescue measures usually include lowering a lifeboat or raft, because otherwise it is almost impossible to get a person out of the sea from a large ship.

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“That, of course, is another subject to be clarified here, how the shipping company has instructed this matter as well. They surely have such action cards, like all ships. What do you do when someone falls into the sea”, says Laapio.

Baltic In the case of Princess, it will be determined whether the rescue operations have been started properly.

“That is, without delay and as they should be done from our point of view”, says Laapio.

“Rescue operations must always be started without delay and with sufficiently strong measures. Here, we are now investigating whether this has been done.”

“We have received information from, for example, our sea rescue center that this would not have happened, and now we are investigating whether it is the case or not,” says Laapio.

According to Laapio, the investigation will use the ship’s video recordings and people’s interrogations and interviews as material.

According to Laapio the master of the ship is responsible for everything that happens on the ship.

“That’s one thing we’re looking at here, how things have been done on the ship.”

Laapio does not comment on whether the captain of the Baltic Princess was awake or was awakened at the time of the incident.

“Yes, usually the captain is awake when something like this happens, but in this particular case, I don’t take a stand on it. That is one thing to be investigated, it will also be investigated here.”

According to Laapio, at the time of the disappearance, the weather was “quite good, basic November weather”.

“There have been some waves, but otherwise it hasn’t been amazing sea weather.”

The start of the investigation was reported earlier Over.

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