HS Turku In the sports shop XXL’s trash can, useful products were found worth thousands of euros, which had been cut with a knife.

XXL did not comment on the matter to Helsingin Sanomat on Wednesday.

15.6. 17:50 | Updated 9:31

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Turku resident Heli Hintikka walked past the Turku Skanssi XXL sports store on Tuesday and marveled at the litter in the yard. Hintikka also waved a plastic kayak off the stage and asked the XXL employees next door if she could take it off the stage.

“I had just been thinking about getting a kayak. I asked if the plastic kayak was really going to landfill. The staff replied in the affirmative, it is a complaint product and it is leaking. I thought it could be fixed. ”

Staff continued to ban the kayak from being taken. Hintikka snapped back that she was picking up the kayak at night.

“They replied that we would then break it down completely.”

According to Hintika, only the zipper was broken in the backpack found in the trash. In addition, it was incised like any other product.

Hintikka after a while, he returned to the rubbish bin, which had meanwhile been filled with various products.

“I quickly calculated that a total of four to five thousand euros worth of stuff. Sup boards, backpacks, sleeping bags, tents, electronics, shoes and clothing, ”he lists.

Everything thrown on stage looked usable to Hintika’s eyes. The staff replied that they were also complaint products that should not be taken. According to Hintika, the staff had broken the products with a carpet knife to ensure that they could no longer be used.

“I told them this is just awful. They replied that the products had already been reimbursed by the manufacturers and that the manufacturers insisted that they should not be passed on. ”

According to Hintika, the shoes in the picture were fine except for the incision.

Hintikka also found product complaints about the rubbish bin.

“The button had come off the jacket or a small ribbon was missing from the tent, but still everything had been pulled apart with a carpet knife,” he describes.

Hintikka released a Facebook update about what happened, which spread quickly. Some commentators pointed out that this is a common practice with complaint products. Otherwise, products that have already been returned could be retrieved from the stage and returned again.

“I kind of understand it, but it doesn’t eliminate the fact that this is a rotten system.”

“Products could be repaired, sold outlet or donated to charity. In Ukraine, for example, sleeping bags, clothes and tents are definitely needed. Nobody takes goods from the refugee camp to the complaint desk, ”Hintikka points out.

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On Tuesday night, a cover appeared on an open trash can.

The rubbish was still in place on Wednesday afternoon. The employee tied the tarpaulin.

HS Turku got in touch with XXL’s Skanssin store, from which no comments were made but forwarded to XXL’s CEO Pasi Lämsä.

Lämpsä refused to comment on the phone. He later replied via text message that he would not have time to reply during Wednesday.

Norwegian XXL advertises itself as the largest sports retail chain in the Nordic countries.

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