HS Turku Chinese Crested dogs Vinski and Billie disappeared from the fenced yard, and a week later the owner had to face a terrible vision – “Dumped like rubbish”

Two Chinese Crested dogs disappeared from the fenced backyard of Mynämäki’s Merja Alén last week.

Chinese Crested males Vinski and Billie disappeared as their owners Merja Alénin, 57, from the yard of a detached house on Tuesday night, May 10th. When the search dogs did not get a trace of the duo the next day, Alén came to the conclusion that the dogs were probably stolen.

Yesterday Tuesday, the dogs were found dead in a ditch far from the backyard.

Events received originated when Alén lowered a dog duo to his outdoor backyard in Mynämäki, Southwest Finland. He says he has been doing this for a long time.

“I let the boys out at eight in the evening. They did the same evening twilight every single night. Half an hour later I went to take them inside, but no dogs were visible. I walked to the end of the house and noticed that the gate was on its back. It is a heavy iron gate with a deadbolt. Dogs can’t open it themselves. ”

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Alén and his helpers search for dogs nearby, but to no avail. Alén also reported the disappearance of the dogs to social media, but no observations were made.

“The next day, two dog dogs arrived from the pet detective. Both dogs smelled of the bag, but they just spun around and indicated that there was no smell to follow, ”says Alén.

He came to the conclusion that the dogs were probably stolen and filed a criminal report. It is confirmed from the communications of the police in south-western Finland that a criminal report has been filed from Mynämäki for two stolen dogs and the matter is being investigated.

“I don’t think anyone here would open the gate to their damn just to let the dogs run away,” Alén says.

Almost a week later Alén received a sad call. The dogs had been found dead in a ditch along Yläneentie.

“The woman who drives past the place often had found the dogs. The day before, the dogs weren’t there yet. ”

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Alén describes the dogs looking like they had been dead days before they got into the ditch.

“It looked like they had been thrown from the car into the ditch, dumped like rubbish.”

Alén says that he sent the dogs’ bodies to the Food and Drug Administration in Helsinki for examination on Wednesday. It is hoped that the cause of death of the dogs will be determined.

Alén doesn’t have one an idea of ​​how this has happened to his dogs.

“I have no quarrels with anyone. This is completely incomprehensible. ”

For example, if someone had stolen the dogs for sale and later come up with other thoughts, that person could only have released the dogs or presented a dog finder and taken the discovery fee offered by Alén.

“I promised a reward of 500 euros per dog. I have spoken to my acquaintances as to whether the dogs have been intentionally left to be found. If they had been lost somewhere, they could have been taken somewhere along the forest road, ”says Alen.

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The case has shocked Alén. She breeds Chinese Crested dogs and she still has dogs in her home.

“I enjoy living here, but the dogs are no longer outdoors in the yard. I have also acquired cameras. ”

The fate of the dogs was told first Yle.

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