HS Library Typical symptoms of a battered woman – the book of the week shows an example of a relationship with a destructive man

Ebba Witt-Brattsröm continues in the field opened by Märta Tikkanen.

In 2014 Ebba Witt-Brattström divorced from her twenty-five-year marriage as a literary scholar Horace Engdahlin with. The contentious difference between the powerful duo of Swedish culture was dealt with in the media of the neighboring country with enthusiasm and for a long time.

Witt-Brattström Århundradets kärlekskrig appeared in Sweden two years later, and Jaana Nikulan Finnish translation The love war of the century (Into) originally in 2018. In it he writes: “The therapist thinks / I have typical / beaten woman symptoms.”

In an interview (HS 25.2. 2018) However, Witt-Brattström says that he wrote his work as a typical example of a marriage with a destructive man rather than an autobiographical key novel. So The love war of the century acts as a kind of commentary and continuum Märta Tikkanen for a work more than forty years ago The love story of the century.

Witt-Brattström has dedicated her book to Tikkanen and another photographer of a difficult marriage, the author August to Strindberg.

“I think such a book was needed,” Witt-Brattström explains. “It was missing.”

“My husband was the man of my life like Henrik was Märtan, ”says Ebba Witt-Brattström. “It was a huge sadness for me that our relationship didn’t work.”

She admits that she is sometimes even jealous of Tikkanen’s widowhood, because then she would have the right to mourn her husband.


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