HS Library The story of melancholy, difference, desire and longing for beauty – the book of the week offers the cult writer’s 240 mini-essays in blue

Maggie Nelson combines her own experiences with the meanings others give to blue.

With the Argonauts novel a cult-ridden American Maggie Nelsonin (b. 1973) Blueberries (Bluets, suom. Kaijamari Sivill, S&S, 2019) is a dissertation on blue. About blue things, objects and feelings. About blue philosophy, literature and songs.

In a work of less than a hundred pages, progressively fragmented, there are 240 ideas about blue. They form a story of melancholy, loneliness, separation and desire, a longing for beauty, and the pain caused by a friend’s accident.

Blueberries is at the same time an academic dissertation and a strong personal account. Nelson writes bluntly about marrying a blue prince and his mundane observations amidst lonely love.

Undressed behind the expression are great escaping thoughts that leave behind a blue-toned longing. Fragmentation is like a minute that is always in motion, on the way somewhere.

There is room for a huge number of meanings for the color blue. The book consists of intelligent, poetic, partly difficult-to-open and interpretive mini-essays that combine the author’s experiences with the meanings given to others by the color blue.

In English, blue is the color of grief and depression. For Nelson, however, the color blue is the greatest source of visual enjoyment, although the work also deals with difficult matters.

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