HS Library Efficiency magician Leo Stranius shows in a book of the week how everyone should try to lead themselves

However, life does not change in one go, Stranius stops.

Ecological a pioneer in life and a climate activist Leo Stranius, a father of two from Käpylä, wakes up before five in the morning, listens to audiobooks at twice the speed and plans every day with half an hour of accuracy.

He believes that everyone should try to lead themselves.

Now he has written a book on time management The Magic of Efficiency – This is how you can live more (Zeal).

Good way To embrace a new way, is to connect it to routines.

“Every time you go to the bathroom, you can do 20 squats,” Stranius suggests. You can read his interview from here.

Time pessimism helps to keep schedules:

“If you find yourself five minutes late, report being 15 minutes late,” Stranius says. “If you’ve promised to write a column as an epiphany, mark the new year as deadline. That’s how you get room for maneuver. ”

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Those who immediately excited to become more efficient, Stranius stunts. Life does not change in one go.

Studies show that creating a new habit requires 30 to 90 days of daily repetition, sometimes longer, he says.

His carbon footprint is incomprehensibly low: 2,867 kg.

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