HS Library Bullying leaves lifelong traces – in the book of the week, the motives of the serial killer are very personal

Carin Gerhardsen’s Hammarby series starts from kindergarten.

Swedish Carin Gerhardsen is a fairly recent acquaintance for Finns, although there has been enough success in Finland and around the world.

Last autumn, Minerva published the first Gerhardsen translation, a psychological suspense novel Black ice. Now, in September, another Gingerbread house (both works have been translated into Finnish Maija Ylönen).

Published in Swedish in 2008 Gingerbread house launches the nordic noir Hammarby series, which follows the work of Crime Commissioner Conny Sjöberg and his homicide team. Commissioner Sjöberg makes a refreshing exception to her genre by being a happy husband and father of a large family.

The Stockholm-based series has sold publishing rights in 25 countries, and more than 3 million books have been sold worldwide.

Eight-part several cruel murders take place at the beginning of the series. The 44-year-old victims are united by childhood in the same kindergarten, and the perpetrator’s motives prove to be very personal. An example of a notorious kindergarten is a preschool on behalf of the building, which Gerhardsen attended at the age of six.

In addition to the excitement and action, there will be a reflection on a serious subject, systematic bullying, which leaves lifelong traces on its victims.


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