HS Kerava | The locomotive driver repeatedly beaten his horn as the dog walker wandered off the tracks – Now the driver tells of a place where walkers should not straighten

There is a point on the main line in Kerava where dog walkers straighten their lives over the tracks at risk. Unauthorized movement and stay in the track area is prohibited and may result in a fine.

VR: n locomotive driver Tuomo Jacobsson said Facebook We <3 Kerava at the end of December on the main line in Kerava.

He wrote over many corrective main lines from the Virrenkulma area to the Kytömaantie side and vice versa. However, Jacobsson recalled that the habit was life-threatening.

“The Virrenkulma area does not provide direct access to Kytömaantie, but the journey must be folded along Ylikeravantie, which has a motorway and a light traffic route. This makes for more than about half a mile further along the main line and tempted to correct. Dog walkers in particular seem to prefer the correction, ”Jacobsson tells Helsingin Sanomat.

Jacobsson says that he has been crossing the track at Kytömaa for several years. At times, straighteners have caused dangerous situations.

“For example, a man who walked a dog in the spring of 2018 did not look at the track as he crossed it. I did the braking and played the horn. It wasn’t until after the second horn that the man moved off the track and narrowly avoided getting under the train, ”Jacobsson recalls.

“The track may only be crossed along marked routes, which must be done safely even then.”

Fairway Agency road safety expert Jarmo Koistinen says that VR has not reported any inappropriate movement on the main line at the Kytömaa traffic site in particular.

However, Koistinen points out that improper crossing of the track is punishable.

“According to the Rail Traffic Act, improper movement and stay in the track area is prohibited and may result in a fine. Power line voltages can also cause a lot of hazards, such as electric shock. ”

In the future, fences may come to the main line near Kytömaa to prevent the line from being crossed.

“A project to improve the transmission capacity of the Helsinki-Riihimäki section is currently underway. The first phase is under construction. The second or third phase of the project will probably respond to the problem of crossing the track, ”says Koistinen.

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