HS Kerava | Rontti cat disappeared eight years ago – On Sunday Tiia Sydänmaa-Kalpio received a message that the cat was coming home now

Tiia Sydänmaa-Kalpio got the Rontti cat back after eight years. The cat was found back home thanks to the chipping.

Orimattila Tiia Sydänmaa-Kalpion had to read the message many times, and she still couldn’t believe her eyes.

A message sent by the Animal Shelter said that the Sydänmaa-Kalpio Rontti cat had been found in Kerava. The cat would now be coming home – after eight years of missing.

Disbelief, joy and an avalanche of emotions took over Sydänmaa-Kalpio.

“It didn’t even make a small sense that Rontti would still find a home.”

Orange, the round-cheeked Rontti cat had joined the Sydänmaa-Kalpio family with his brother in 2012. The family was living in Mäntsälä at that time.

At the age of one, the cousins ​​accidentally managed to escape out. Ront’s brother was left under the car, but Ront was not found. The Sydänmaa-Kalpio family was actively looking for a cat.

Summer went by, winter came. The year changed. There was no sign of Ront.

The family took a position that the cat could no longer be found. Sydänmaa-Kalpio explained to the children that something unfortunate had happened to the cat and it was probably dead.

Until last Sunday, Sydänmaa-Kalpio’s phone rang. The owner of the cat was found by chipping.

“I’ve always siruttanut pet. It’s a small investment in being able to get a family member back. ”

The Rontti cat himself walked kindly into the carrier after eight years of running away.­

No no information on where Rontti has spent eight years. According to the findings, it had been seen recently in Duck Lake in Kerava.

Rontti had often spun around a local house, from which it was also grabbed. Once it went in and stayed on the balcony to sleep.

“There would probably be quite a few stories for the cat to tell,” Sydänmaa-Kalpio says.

Sydänmaa-Kalpio believes that Rontti has been in human contact over the years, but not as an indoor cat. It is not wild but trusts people and is happy to surrender.

When Sydänmaa-Kalpio made an appointment with a veterinarian, he wrote in the reservation that the cat had been missing for eight years. The vet thought there was a typo in the appointment.

The customer certainly had to mean eight weeks.

The 9-year-old Rontti cat is well established and enjoys the company of his family.­

The rontti was in good condition when found. It had to be shaved with its coat on its back as it was tangled. The cat is also undergoing parasitic control.

Heartland-Kalpion according to Rontin recognizes the same cat as it was eight years ago as a kitten. Similar serenity and self-esteem have been maintained over the years.

Rontti was waiting for siblings at home: two cats and one dog. One of the cats was 10 years old when Ront disappeared and is now 18 years old in the “grandma’s”.

Rontti lives in another room for a few more days, as Sydänmaa-Kalpio wants to let the cat settle into the house in peace.

“I look forward to meeting the cats. Grandma was like a surrogate mother to brothers back then. They had a close relationship. ”

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