HS Kerava | Police investigate ‘special features’ homicide as murder in Kerava – Suspect caught on same day

The suspected homicide took place last Thursday on Santaniitynkatu.

In Kerava a suspected homicide took place in a private apartment located on Thursday last week.

On Thursday, police received an urgent violence mission from an emergency center to an apartment on Santaniitynkatu.

Police found a dead man in the apartment with external signs of violence.

Police caught the suspect during the same day. He was arrested on Monday for probable reasons on suspicion of homicide.

Eastern Uusimaa the police are investigating the case under the criminal title of murder because of the specifics of the act.

The suspected act took place in a private home and did not pose a danger to outsiders, according to police.

The preliminary investigation of the case is pending.

“No further information will be provided so that the pre-trial investigation will not be jeopardized,” the East Uusimaa Police Department said.

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