HS Kerava An embarrassing mistake in text messages encouraging coronary vaccination in Kerava: Who is “Kaitsu” calling for vaccination?

The nickname “Kaitsu” sent a text on Thursday to almost all adult Kerava residents about the importance of corona vaccinations. Now the city explains what exactly happened.

Keravan the city sent a text message to the people of Kerava on Thursday urging the townspeople to take the third coroner vaccination. The sender of the message was casually “Kaitsu”.

Who the hell is Kaitsu? It is not the mayor, because then the message would come Kirsi Rontulta or more casually from “Kike”. The director of social and health services would be Olli Huuskonen that is, more commonly known as “Oltsu”.

Who exactly is Kaitsu?

“We don’t tell who it’s all about, mistakes hurt everyone. If the mistake had been made by the mayor, we could tell it, but in this case we will not tell, ”says Kerava’s director of communications. Thomas Sund.

Thomas Sund, Director of Communications at the City of Kerava, says that in the future, Kaitsu will be utilized in Kerava’s marketing.

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Error was spotted only five minutes later, and the city sent a new text message to those who received the wrong message, correcting Kerava as the sender.

“Surprisingly, we began to receive messages asking who this Kaitsu is and why he was texting me.”

Soon, however, according to Sund, the outrage turned from indignation to amusement, and people began to suggest that Kaitsu, a guy from all the people of Kerava, should be put to good use in marketing the city.

According to Sund, this will also happen. In the future, Kaitsu will appear in the Finnish channels of Kerava, where he will comment on things as a Finnish person.

“I just noticed that Kasper Strömman had raised this bad post on his profile. I think Kaitsu will comment on that during the day. ”

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