HS Kauniainen The mother got stuck with her children on a heavily fenced field in Kauniainen: “We lifted the prams over a two-meter fence”

Kauniainen’s sports field is protected by a high fence, which has hampered thirsty mothers. According to the sports venue manager, the sports field has previously suffered from vandalism.

When beautiful Heidi Kilpelä went out on a Friday morning to go out with prams, he didn’t guess what kind of challenges he would face.

Kilpelä’s goal was the Kauniainen Central Sports Field. Kilpelä was planning a fitness circuit-like workout with a field coating, and at the same time a three-month-old baby could sleep next to her nap.

However, there was a problem on the sports field: Strollers would not be able to get there.

Fields circled the high fences. The only open gates were round gates from which the carriages would not fit inside.

Kilpelä found several unobstructed but locked gates. Contact information for those with unobstructed access was also attached to a port.

The baby might soon wake up, Kilpelä thought, not calling.

“The baby isn’t sleeping terribly well, so I didn’t wait. I pulled a 15-minute quick workout out there on the field. ”

Kilpelä was still wondering about it on the Facebook group Puskaradio Grani:

“I was going to go to the sports field to train the baby in the strollers. But is it really the case that I can’t get anywhere inside the fence? Or is there another gate somewhere? ”

In the Facebook group there was a lively debate on the matter.

Users marveled at the gates and wondered how to get to the sports field with a wheelchair, for example. Sometimes people get stuck inside the gates as well.

In Kauniainen Paula Jutila have experience with this.

“I was taking my four-year-old to football training on Tuesday and the baby was in the strollers. I got to the field because someone opened the gate. I then thought that the gate would remain open when the exercises were about to start, ”says Jutila.

When the football practice ended and it was time to go home, the Accessible Gates were locked. The chat room did not see the phone number that would have called to open the gates.

“It didn’t help other than taking the baby out of the stroller and asking the 4-year-old to hold him. In the meantime, we and a few friendly people lifted the carriages over a two-meter fence, ”says Jutila.

Why the sports field at all is fenced? And why are barrier-free gates kept locked?

Kauniainen’s responsible sports field manager Markku Hakulinen says the sports field is fenced for vandalism.

“You can’t get to the field now by cars, mopeds or bikes to avoid injury.”

According to Hakulinen, a group of young people aged 13–15 have been causing vandalism on the sports field for a long time.

“Puppies with their bikes bother athletes,” he says.

“It’s the same thing with high jump mattresses now, meaning they can only be opened on request. Otherwise, the puppies bounce on the mattresses and mess them up with coarse, slimy and chips. ”

Beauties According to Hakulinen, the accessible gates of the sports field can be reached by calling the telephone number attached to the gate.

“With good luck, we are opening right away, we have to wait 5-10 minutes at most.”

You can also call the number in advance.

“If you know that you want to go to practice at a certain time, you can go to open the gate,” Hakulinen says.

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