HS Kauniainen The award-winning cafe pushes all of its assets into storage because the entrepreneur can’t find any suitable new space anywhere

Near Deli, which has been operating in the Gran shopping center for a decade, will be closed at the end of January, as no new premises have been found for the café.

Shopping center in Gran The café and delicatessen near Deli, which has been operating for ten years, will close for the time being at the end of January.

The reason is the termination of the lease. A new pharmacy will be opened in the place of the café, and no suitable new space was found in the shopping center, says the entrepreneur Pia Laakio. No such thing has been found anywhere else, at least so far.

“The situation is open,” Laakio describes.

At the moment, there is no choice but to pack the goods in the cafe and shop into stock and continue the search. Pausing the café also annoys the locals, Laakio believes.

“However, near Delhi has become such a living room for the people of Beauty.”

The appreciation of the townspeople is also indicated by the fact that last year the Kauniainen Entrepreneurs Association awarded Near Delhi and its entrepreneurs with the Entrepreneur of the Year award and entrepreneur shakes.

On social media, the company’s announcement of the closure has garnered dozens of comments annoying the loss of the cafe and considering possible new facilities.

All sorts of According to Laakio, solutions have been considered, including a separate kitchen and sales point.

The best space would be downtown, bright and airy, about a hundred square feet in size and accessible to people with reduced mobility and strollers. For such discovery near the deli wait in boxes.

“Now we put everything in storage and then we search in peace so that we can come forward again even more intently.”

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