HS Kauniainen Tero Viherron’s Mersu became almost unrecognizable when the subcooled water made an ice cream in the car – “The worst trip of my life”

Poor driving can be seen as slippery roads, but also as a car freezing. Tero Viherro from Kauniainen got a thick ice icing during the drive.

In the beautiful resident Tero Viherto got to experience the poor driving personality that tormented motorists in recent days in person on Sunday.

It took him about four and a half kilometers from Vaasa to Kauniainen. The trip took considerably more time, breaks and energy than usual

“It was the worst trip of my life,” Viherto describes.

“It tested the car, the technology and the nerves pretty well.”

The weather forecast had previously promised snowfall, but it turned out otherwise. Eventually there was a few degrees of frost and rain from the sky, so as a result of the sub-cooling, water droplets adhered to the surface of the car, gradually forming a thick ice cover.

At the same time, driving conditions deteriorated. The road was extremely slippery, and along the way there were several cars that ended up in the ditch. Additional excitement was brought by the trucks, many of whose drivers avoided icy grooves by driving either right on the side of the road or near the center line.

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About Hyinen despite the weather, the inside of the car was like a sauna, Viherto describes. The fans had to be kept at full power all the way, or else the windshield would have frozen.

Ice cubes did form on the wipers, and the rumble was loud. More fuel was consumed than normal, probably due to the mass added by the ice, Viherto speculates.

The ice cover normally made the driving aid technology traverse. The emergency brake assist and lane monitors were both useless. The energy-loving LED lights didn’t get enough heat, so even the congested ones got to freeze.

“These cars aren’t designed for that kind of weather.”

Modern technology was disappointing, but Viherto also made at least one positive observation: there was nothing wrong with holding the friction tires, even on slippery roads.

Meteorological according to the department, the driving environment will again become largely bad or very bad on Tuesday. Freezing rain is expected in some places, especially in the western parts of the country.

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