HS Kauniainen “Sad situation” – The housing market is in a knot in Kauniainen, when there is simply no sale

There is an acute shortage of large family homes in particular, say real estate players in the local housing market.

Domestic ties are strong in Kauniainen. This is what real estate industry players operating in the Kauniainen housing market say. One of them lamented the situation in the Puskaradio Grani Facebook group of local residents.

“There are only 23 apartments or properties on the market in Kauniainen. This means that there is no choice. From the buyer’s point of view, it is a sad situation ‘, Marjut Uusmäe wrote.

Uusmäe works as a sales negotiator in the real estate broker Roof Group. He compared the situation in Kauniainen to Järvenpää:

“Among the 10,000 inhabitants, it (23) is non-existent. Even in Järvenpää, there are about 400–500 properties for sale. ”

In July 2020, however, the Helsinki region had about 45,000 inhabitants in Järvenpää, while Kauniainen in the Helsinki metropolitan area had less than 10,000 inhabitants.

For housing therefore, there is little land to be zoned in Kauniainen. According to real estate agents, the small number of homes being released on the market is also explained by another, more individual reason.

The building stock of Kauniainen is relatively old.

“After all, Kauniainen’s housing supply has never been large. People have lived in Kauniainen for a long time and do not want to move out, ”says the sales director Sirpa Lehmus The real estate world says.

“Vacant apartments can currently be counted on the fingers of one hand. Sometimes they are not there either. ”

Lehmus sells apartments, especially in Espoo and Kauniainen.

“Supply is scarce in the entire Helsinki metropolitan area, but what makes Kauniainen special is the people’s place-based nature. We would move to Kauniainen from elsewhere, but we will not move away from Kauniainen. ”

Specially there is a shortage of large family apartments in Kauniainen.

“Dozens of family apartments with a square meter would be sold immediately.”, A resident of Kauniainen Jari Ihamuotila says.

However, Ihamuotila, who works as a sales negotiator at Helsingin Koti LKV, states that in Kauniainen, there is a shortage of all types of housing in relation to demand, including smaller studios and one-bedroom apartments.

There is still enough land to plan for living in Espoo, which surrounds Kauniainen. The joint strategy of the cities of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area and the entire Helsinki region aims to direct new housing construction to the tracks.

“In Kauniainen, the track is full in terms of zoning. Construction will be directed to the Espoo side. Hundreds of new homes have been built there on the border of cities and along the tracks, ”says Ihamuotila.

There are no plots for sale. This can also be stated on the website of the City of Kauniainen’s housing and environmental activities: “The city does not currently have plots to be handed over.”

Beauties the building stock is relatively old, and the plots of houses are traditionally large. The town plan permeates building rights over one house, but still some large plots have been blocked.

Kauniainen is also a traditional town of villas.

“Some can still be blocked, but most of them have already been blocked and sold,” says Sirpa Lehmus.

According to Lehmus, the most in-demand in Kauniainen are, in addition to large apartment buildings, detached houses and terraced houses with courtyards and gardens. We want housing space, the need for which Lehmus sees has been further increased by the corona pandemic.

Teleworkers and distance learners would need workspaces. However, the equation is exceptionally difficult in Kauniainen.

“Kauniainen has a lot of big houses, and they have a lot of space but not a lot of rooms. Even though there are a lot of squares, the rooms are hard to divide, ”Lehmus says.

As the demand for large apartments far exceeds their supply, according to Lehmus, their prices are constantly rising in Kauniainen. But even those seniors who would be wealthy and who would be willing to give up their yards and gardens and move into a spacious apartment building are in front of the empty – or rather the full.

“When there’s nowhere to change.”



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