HS Järvenpää Sote services staff will be laid off in Central Uusimaa: “Hopefully it will not affect the daily lives of those seeking treatment”

Keusote’s layoffs will result in a non-recurring saving of EUR 1.3 million. They should not affect the appointment, for example.

Central Uusimaa sote (Keusote) will lay off administrative staff for 14 days next fall.

On Tuesday, the Group Board decided to start co-operation negotiations on layoffs. The aim of the negotiations is not to lay off staff.

“It is hoped that the layoffs will not affect the daily lives of those seeking care for Keusote, as the layoffs will affect administrative staff,” Annika Kokko says to HS.

Keusoten there have been serious problems with telephone service during the early part of the year. There has been a congestion on the appointment, and the callback has occasionally taken several days.

According to Koko, the layoffs of administrative staff do not exacerbate the problems of appointments, as appointments have now been outsourced elsewhere.

“An experiment has been launched in Keusote in June, in which calls are routed to a partner in the event of a telephone service congestion.”

The customer will then receive the same service regardless of whether Keusote or a partner answers the call.

According to Keusote’s press release, the lay-off of administrative personnel will result in non-recurring savings of EUR 1.3 million. However, Keusote points out that the savings are only part of the additional adjustment measures needed.

Keusoteen include Hyvinkää, Järvenpää, Nurmijärvi, Tuusula, Mäntsälä and Pornainen.



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