HS Järvenpää More than 500 jobs will be lost in Järvenpää, as Valmet moves to Vantaa – At the same time, Järvenpää will lose one of its largest employers

Valmet plans to move its personnel to a new office building in Vantaa. It is a blow to Järvenpää, but the mayor is optimistic.

More than 500 An employee of the engineering company Valmet will move from Järvenpää to Vantaa.

Valmet is planning a new, joint office building for its employees in Järvenpää and Hakkila, Vantaa, in Tikkurila, Vantaa. The entire staff of the sites would move into the building, except for the technology center in Järvenpää.

The Järvenpää site currently employs about 520 people and about 130 employees of partner companies. The Hakkila site employs about 70 people.

The goal is for the personnel to move from Järvenpää to Tikkurila to a new office building in 2023.

Valmet is has been operating in Järvenpää for a long time and is one of the largest private employers in the city in terms of jobs.

Mayor of Järvenpää Olli Naukkarinen regrets the decision, but does not see the major impact of the move on the city’s economy or employment.

“The decrease in corporate tax revenue due to Valmet’s move is a few hundred thousand euros per year. The change will be visible from 2025 onwards due to the tax settlement system, ”Naukkarinen estimates.

The mayor anticipates that only a few Valmet employees living in Järvenpää will move to Vantaa due to the relocation.

“The transport connections between Järvenpää and Tikkurila are excellent, and Järvenpää’s employment rate is unlikely to decline due to Valmet’s move. Job self-sufficiency is suffering from some change, on the other hand, for example, Lidl and Lujabetoni have created new jobs in Järvenpää in recent years. ”


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