HS Järvenpää HSL’s expansion hangs in Järvenpää – Pandemic caused better train connections in a dreamy city

Järvenpää and HSL had agreed that Järvenpää would decide to join HSL by the end of February this year. However, the city government did not decide on the matter by the deadline.

18.3. 11:36

Järvenpää is still wondering whether the city will join the Helsinki Region Transport Consortium, ie the HSL area.

In October 2019, Järvenpää City Council decided that the city will join HSL from the beginning of 2022. The decision included the following condition: HSL’s contract will be joined if membership brings a significant improvement in train services between Järvenpää and Helsinki.

The Järvenpää City Government is scheduled to make a final decision on whether this condition is met. The government was scheduled to make a decision as early as last spring.

However, the state of emergency caused by the coronavirus reduced the use of public transport and decision-making shifted. Last year, Järvenpää and HSL agreed that Järvenpää will decide on joining by the end of February this year.

Now the deadline for the decision has moved forward again. The city government did not decide on the matter by the end of February and is not known as it will deal with the matter.

Before HSL announced that it was aiming for more frequent train traffic to Järvenpää. The goal was for trains to run on average every 15 minutes between Helsinki and Järvenpää during daytime and Saturday traffic outside peak hours. The offer is formed together with VR’s local traffic.

Mayor of Järvenpää Olli Naukkarinen stated last November, the city is trying to get a reliable estimate of what the future of public transport is after the pandemic before deciding on membership.

In October In 2019, when the Supervisory Board decided on HSL’s membership, the costs were calculated as follows: The membership would result in a non-recurring share capital payment of approximately EUR 295,000 for Järvenpää and an annual municipal contribution of approximately EUR 2.1–2.2 million. On an annual basis, public transport costs would increase from the current level by approximately EUR 1.4–1.6 million.

At that time, HSL membership was estimated to generate a positive tax revenue of around EUR 300,000, so the final increase in costs would be around EUR 1.1-1.3 million per year.

Indirect benefits included the availability and attractiveness of labor as a place to live.

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