HS Järvenpää An old Czech engine was installed on the tombstone in Järvenpää – The vision is praised, but what does the Funeral Act say?

A motorcycle engine is attached to Kauko and Paula Reima’s grave. It refers to Kauko Reima’s career as a Speedway driver.

Järvenpää the cemetery stands out Remote and Paula Reiman last resting place. A Czech Jawa engine is attached to the tombstone. That engine refers to the Kauko Reiman speedway career.

“I wanted my own monument, the engine, in my father’s tombstone, because Kauko Reima was an active driver on speedway at the time. His career ended in a leg injury in the late 1960s, ”Kauko Reima’s son Tomi tells the story of the birth of the monument.

Tomi has also been active on the speedway. The Jawa-branded engine in the tombstone is the same one that Tomi himself started driving on the speedway in his time.

“It was a big deal for my dad that I started my Speedway hobby,” Tomi Reima recalls.

Reima says he has received positive feedback about the monument, many have praised it as a nice idea.

But what kind of monument can be placed in connection with the tombstone?

The Funeral Act determines what kind of things can be put on a tombstone. According to the law, a tombstone must respect the memory of the deceased and be in accordance with general good practice, says the land use manager of the church board. Harri Palo.

“A memorial may have a symbol associated with the deceased’s gaze, life, work, or hobby.”

Fire says many congregations require a permit to be applied for a tombstone.

“The parish, as the administrator of the cemetery, approves the monument.”

Sometimes symbols designed on a tombstone have sparked debate over whether they are appropriate. For example, the star of Mercedes Benz has been discussed in Finland before, and one can be put on a tombstone.

“In general, commercial symbols have not been considered appropriate for a tombstone.”

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