HS interview Finland makes a “huge mistake” in sobering up the naming of spies, says Dmitry Alperovitch

It took a long time for the United States to follow the advice of a Soviet-born chief of security and said directly that Russian intelligence was spying on Hillary Clinton in the midst of the election. Now it would be time to harden in Europe too, Alperovitch tells HS.

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Through his accelerator Silverado, Dmitry Alperovitch is helping the U.S. administration combat the political challenges associated with cyber attacks. Alperovitch was filmed in his hometown of Washington.

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Cyber ​​espionage is a policy. In it, Europe and Finland are afraid of swamping, he says Dmitry Alperovitch.

Without Alperovitch and the security company Crowdstrike he founded, we might not know anything about the many cyber espionage incidents that have erupted in recent years.

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