HS in Warsaw The infection situation in Poland is incredibly good, although the pace of vaccination is lazy: “Maybe it was just water,” Anete Stachowicz speculates about the vaccine she took mainly for a holiday trip.

Anete and Damian Stachowicz do not believe that the coronavirus situation in Poland will remain as calm for a long time to come. Now, however, it is good: both have received a full series of vaccinations, and the family got on holiday to Albania. On Aneta’s shoulders Mariana, 3 years, and on Damian’s shoulders Helena, 5 years.

In Poland, there is statistically hardly any coronavirus at all. Warsaw is not straining with restrictions, although everyone believes that the delta transformation will land there very soon.


Delta conversion seems brilliant in his absence, so no straining in Warsaw.

Damian and Anete Stachowicz welcome to their home in the Bielany district without face masks.

“We are now a green oasis, but bad news from the rest of the world is spreading here as well. In the fall, it will come, maybe in September, ”says Damian Stachowicz.



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