HS Hyvinkää This apple tastes awful – Why is the small town on the roadside drowning in fruit that does “nothing”?

The Hyvinkää apple tree route takes you to the city’s most interesting apple destinations. Although apples are free to eat from the city trees, they do not taste good to everyone.

From their apple trees known as Hyvinkää Very well-behaved apple trees The trail takes you on an interesting tour around the city center. There are a total of twelve apple destinations on the approximately three-kilometer route. The route starts at Kirjastonaukio and runs to Nestorinaukio, Kauppatori and Hämeenkatu, among others.

Well urban nature planner Matti Mattila says that although the apple route has been around for years, it has remained fairly unknown to the people of. Now, however, the route has been published own website, whose story map allows you to get to know the route better, its destinations and the history of Hyvinkää. The site serves as a good pocket guide for those traveling around the route.

A map is also available if desired print in pdf format.

“I recommend the route to anyone who is interested in their hometown. This is also a good spread of information for those who are interested in plants and trees, ”says Mattila.

He himself has circled the route by bike.

“It’s just a matter of taste whether you ride a bike or walk, but you might see more on foot. The route is quite short and a few destinations are such that the bike may slip past. ”

For example, according to Mattila, an object in the old yard of Emil Wäyrynen, who founded the first pharmacy in Hyvinkää, can be difficult to find. In the church park, an apple tree producing small apples has grown from Wäyrysen’s yard. A study carried out by the University of Helsinki revealed that the apple tree in question has a unique genetic heritage. No other ornamental apple tree with a similar genetic inheritance has been found.

By Until 1962, the Central Railway Garden operated in Hyvinkää. Thanks to it, Hyvinkää has a lot of different flora left. The railway apple tree, chosen in 1996 as the symbol of Hyvinkää, ie Malus ‘hyvingiensis’, is a legacy from these times.

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However, the apple route does not only focus on the Hyvinkää title apple tree, but offers a wide range of different types of apple trees. In addition to the umbrella-shaped railway apple tree, there are, among others, Royaltya from red leaves, a berry apple tree that produces berry-like fruit and the Snygg apple tree, one of Finland’s most popular apple varieties until the 1950s.

“The most beautiful part of the route, I think, is Library Square, which once housed the Central Railway of the State Railways. It has apple trees and a huge number of apple trees. It is definitely one of the finest places, ”says Mattila.

The very well-behaved apple trees route is also beautiful in spring when the apple trees are in bloom.

Provided hunger surprises as the route goes around, snacks can thus grab a tree during the apple season. Namely, anyone can pick apples from the city’s apple trees.

“Whether those apples do anything is a good question. Most of these trees bloom tremendously, but when there are too many raw flowers with flowering, the tree does not manage to feed such a large number of apples. They remain the size of a small golf ball and are also acidic. So there may not be terribly joy in them. But if you like sour apples, then what not. ”

However, apples in the railway apple tree, for example, can be made into, for example, jam or liqueur.



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