HS Hyvinkää Rats are building huge communities in the sewers of urban sewers: Have they even learned to build dams?

Holes, nests and even blockages in drains. Growing rodent populations are causing a wide range of destruction in the city’s sewers. Now the city of Hyvinkää is battling rats.

Rat observations have increased significantly in Hyvinkää this year. The same problem has been seen elsewhere in Finland.

“Apparently the warm winters have made really good environments for rodents to spread. They have good conditions to have when there are not so cold winters and food is easily available, ”says Hyvinkää Water Network Manager Anssi Hietikko.

Hyvinkään Vesi has now taken real action in the fight against the growing rodent population.

“This is not the main task of Hyvinkää Water, but it has been noticed that the number of rodents has started to grow strongly and they are destroying our sewage network.”

Among other things, rodents make holes in old sewers and wells.

“They have tough workers to cause us problems there. They make their own nests there and these structures they make can also cause blockages in sewers. ”

What sewer pests come, the rat is the undisputed number one and it is also the most reported area in the Hyvinkää area. Rats make holes, especially in older concrete pipes, and build nests there.

“The rat is the one who does the considerable damage. What has been found in the sewage descriptions feels that they are even damming the wastewater in order to get the food collected from it for themselves. ”

Food is what makes the sewer system so attractive to rodents. Where food, there are also rats.

The reason that food can be found in the sewers is in the residents of the city. For example, when a toilet bowl pulls food down, it ends up in the sewers.

“Food waste creates a great breeding ground for rodents. Therefore, you should not flush anything other than yourself and the toilet paper into the toilet bowl. It would be desirable for people to start looking at the kind of waste they put in toilet bowls or kitchen basins and for the amount of food waste to be reduced for local residents. ”

Hietikko says that in a way he understands that in an apartment building, for example, it can seem like an easy and quick solution to pull food waste down the toilet bowl. However, he calls for a change in manners and world of thought.

“For example, could that waste be put in a separate garbage bag and then go for trash at the same time? It would be more sorting, not postponing, but to the same place where it is easiest. ”

Practical The control work in the sewers is carried out by an external operator with whom the City of Hyvinkää has entered into a two-year control agreement. At the end of the agreement, the situation will be re-examined and it will be considered how to proceed.

Toxic baits and five electric traps are used in the fight.

“The electric trap works with sensors and without poison. It gives a deadly blow to the rat and the body then continues its journey with the sewage. The device also provides good data. It tells, for example, how many rodents have been injured, at what time and how often, ”says Hietikko.

So far, control has been carried out in the Sonninmäki and Kruununpuisto areas. During one month of power outage, electric rodents trapped 153 rodents. The number of poisoned individuals is more difficult to estimate, but in three sites, replacements of chunk baits had to be made as they had been exhausted.

As a result of the control, the rodent population clearly decreased in those areas.

Currently, the fight is being carried out on Sähkökatu. After that, it is the turn of the Anttilantie, Kotikatu, Matinkatu and Vanhankatu areas.

Rodent observations can be reported, for example through the city’s feedback system. This way, the city gets information on where the rodent problems are and the traps can be placed in optimal locations.

Its in addition to ensuring that every resident can ensure that food waste does not end up in the sewers, there are other ways to carry their own pile of pests in pest control.

Hietikko reminds that above-ground rodent control belongs to the property owner. Yard areas should be kept tidy so that there are no possible nesting sites where rodents can nest.

“It’s not worth storing goods in the same place in the backyard for many years, there they find. People should also understand that when they feed birds or hedgehogs, for example, it is also a feeding place for rats. ”


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