HS Hyvinkää Jörn Donner envisions pockets full of money in the middle of a glorious building in Uusimaa – He realized he had made a mistake after colliding with property

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Cultural all-rounder Jörn Donner made an expensive study trip to the world of capital and designed a hotel in Hyvinkää that never materialized.

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Rantasipi Switzerland, part of the Rantasipi chain, was completed on the site of a hotel designed by Jörn Donner. Pictured is the hotel lobby in 1974.­

Lasse Kivinen HS

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Culture multifunctional Jörn Donner (1933–2020) designed a luxury hotel in Hyvinkää, Switzerland, at the turn of the 1960s and 1970s, but the project did not materialize. The hotel Switzerland, which belonged to the Rantasipi chain, later moved to the same place.

What exactly happened?

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