HS Hyvinkää An unknown child hides a bird caught in nature and maintains something for it – Animal protectors are now feverishly looking for a child in Hyvinkää

When was the last time you checked your child’s closets? TikTok is now spreading a harmful trend where children take chicks from their mothers and hide them at home.

This The Facebook post is now spreading like wildfire:

“According to the information I received, a child is hiding a log boy in his room in Hyvinkää,” writes the Helsinki Metropolitan Area Animal Welfare Association. Heidi Simonen in its publication.

The publication states that the log boy has had his own TikTok account. The name of the seagull has been given Alvari . Followers of the TikTok account have been shown how to feed, walk and wash Alvari.

Simonen reminds that the child does not know how to take care of the log boy in the right way, and it is unlikely to survive caring for the child. The seagull should receive appropriate treatment as soon as possible.

“Please check your child’s wardrobe and TikTok, is Alvari in your child’s closet?” Simonen urges.

The metropolitan area President of the Association for the Protection of Animals Nella Muurinen says that this would seem to be a trend unfortunately at TikTok. Alvari is not an isolated case.

“Several Finnish TikTok users have had pups, a crow and a seagull this year. Let’s collect those chicks and then use them to try to gain followers and likes. ”

Judging by the spelling, many of those raising their chicks are children. On the other hand, Muurinen has seen videos in which young people hold a crow on their shoulders and are out with the chick to spend the evening.

The Helsinki Metropolitan Area Animal Welfare Association has already received several calls this year from parents who have found chicks in their children’s rooms. One mother had found a hedgehog in her daughter’s room.

Walled recalls that birds now have nesting peace.

“Taking healthy chicks away from their mothers is a crime.”

Children may be proud to think that a lonely chick has been abandoned. It had been written in connection with Alvar’s TikTok account that it was an abandoned pup. Muurinen doubts this. Less often, lonely chicks are orphans.

“Many species have offspring that are sometimes alone. The mother leaves them alone for food, and that doesn’t mean they’re orphans, it’s just normal behavior. ”

Muurinen urges parents to talk to their children about nature and not to go and collect animals.

He hopes that more nature, environmental and animal education will be provided in kindergartens and schools.

Rarely the child knows how to take care of the boy correctly.

“Usually children don’t ask for instructions on anything, but either come up with the instructions themselves or read online. That’s when a lot of things usually go wrong. There will be feeding errors, growth disorders and developmental disorders. ”

Animals should also not be tamed. Children and young people tend to handle chicks too much, and the animal does not learn the necessary skills for nature.

For example, in the case of Alvar, TikTok followers were shown how to wash a bird. This can, in the worst case, ruin the plumage of the chick and it will no longer grow normally.

It is also good to tell the children that the mother also suffers when the baby is taken away.

“Of course they mourn. You can already see that mothers are defending their chicks if someone walks up close. They take care of them and are sure to cling to them. Yes, they will surely wonder where the chicks have disappeared if someone has taken them. ”

What should be done then if a baby is suddenly found in a child’s closet?

Muurinen urges you to contact a body that takes care of wild animals, such as Korkeasaari or the Helsinki Metropolitan Area Animal Welfare Association. On your own, it is not advisable to return the animal to the wild, but cases should always be evaluated with an expert.

“For example, the age of the chick and how long the chick has been in human treatment are affected. Of course, poor chicks cannot be returned to the nest and it must be monitored that the mother still cares for the chicks back. Emo-boy contact must be seen. ”



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