HS Helsinki “You will never succeed in this profession because of your gender” – After hearing these words, Ina Niiniketo rushed to the bathroom to cry, but then decided to show everyone

Ina Niiniketo, who has worked in Stockholm’s star kitchens for years, is the chef at the new Helsinki restaurant Sikke’s. He has the courage to speak directly about workplace bullying in the restaurant industry. Niiniketo has personally experienced what it is like to be belittled because of sex.

Staff lunch is served before the restaurant opens. Pictured are Roni Kerttula, Thomas Beemster, Aura Vanhanen and Ina Niiniketo.

Jaana Rinne


Eirassa The opening of Sikke’s restaurant on Tehtaankatu is being prepared. There are flowers in the vases and the candles are waiting for the lighter.

Chef of the new restaurant Ina Niiniketo says he was a judge in the Chef of the Year 2021 competition the previous weekend.

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