HS Helsinki “Wow, forgotten” – The credit restaurant in front of Helsinki was missing from the city’s island list to the entrepreneur’s surprise

The seal of Katajanokanluuoto is open to the public for the second summer, and M / S Julia takes you to the aging idyll from the Market Square. This summer, competition for island destinations intensified.

“I was waiting little, four girls just came to the pier on Skipper’s boat … You can take the napkins from that table ”, Mari Impola guide you through a telephone interview in the background.

Calling himself an island mistress, Impola is the restaurateur of the Katajanokanluodo seal, which is open for the second summer. The island was closed to the public for a long time, but since last summer it has been possible to eat and refresh there with M / S Julia, owned by M / S Julia from the Helsinki Market Square.

“Once an hour there is a departure next to the Korkeasaari ferry. So far, everyone has gotten away, I haven’t had to put anyone in a swim, ”Impola says.

Island owner Mari Impola and entrepreneur Peter Brandt photographed last summer in front of the restaurant. They were then looking forward to the opening of the island.

In the pizzeria has seats for 15 guests. Outside there is a half-covered seven-table terrace for 30 people, three tables under the open sky and additional seating on the pier.

There are five different types of pizza: meat, vegetable and vegan, as well as champagne, wines, beers, cider, tentacles, soda and other refreshments …

Impola wants to mention one refreshment separately.

“Pan coffee. It’s the house’s own thing. And Mom’s berry pie baked with a mother-in-law recipe. It’s a bit old-fashioned and simple, ”Impola describes the offering.

The seal of Katajanokanluuoto photographed last summer before the island opened to the public.

Impolan According to him, the seal of Katajanokanluuoto has been a little overshadowed by its neighbors this summer compared to the previous one. He thinks the seal had a suction of novelty last year, but this summer the competition intensified.

For example, the Helsinki Biennale visual art event opened in Vallisaari in its first year. Korkeasaari, Suomenlinna and Linnanmäki are old acquaintances, but Katajanokanluoto is not.

For a long time, it was missing from the list of the City of Helsinki, which includes all the islands in the city area that are open to the public.

“I asked the city when one customer wondered if the islet was missing from the list. The city replied that ‘wow, forgot’. “

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