HS Helsinki There is an advertisement in the rock that stands out from the landscape, and day by day it is crammed into an increasingly lewd condition – “Pretty embarrassing looking”

“It’s not beautiful,” the housing association’s property manager commented on the tape ad for the stone pedestal window in Hämeentie.

“It is the kind of area where graffiti and smudges appear on the walls, ”he says Vesa Maja from the management agency Aavatalo oy.

The house talks about the window of a commercial apartment on the stone foot of an apartment building on Hämeentie in Helsinki. In a tape commercial, a tanned woman in a bikini poses to attract passers-by to a tanning bed.

The property is the responsibility of the property manager Maja. It is not his only destination in the Kallio district, and Maja does not want to stamp the whole region. For some reason, the most diligent artists have been bundled with a solarium ad.

The ad isn’t very attractive at the moment:

“It’s not beautiful, you don’t get sounds from the house. That tape seems to inspire you to paint, ”says Maja.

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Hämeentien and the house on the corner of Torkkelinkatu is bypassed daily by busy public transport. Maybe it’s the good visibility of that particular item that inspires smokers.

According to Vesa Maja, the cleaning of stubborn people has been outsourced to a separate caretaker service. The bill follows the housing company: “They hit them every now and then, according to estimates. The stunts don’t start with ordinary toxins, they use the tricks of professionals. ”

According to his bills, the removal of stains and tags in the area hosted by Maja will cost thousands of euros a year. The most difficult to clean are plastered houses and just tape ads.

“If the wall surface of the house is flat, cleaning will be easier. But if the surface at the stump is not completely renewed, it will leave a mark on the wash. ”

Stupid ad belongs to the Sunpower solarium studio. The tape ad for the Texclean laundry in the adjoining Retail has been quiet.

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More smudges appear every week in the solarium studio’s advertisement, and vandalism has not reached the window tape alone: ​​the commercial apartment has also been infiltrated, and the sofa set, mirrors and other objects, among other things, have been soiled.

At present, the aggression is kind of useless, as both Sunpower and Texclean have ceased operations. Commercial apartments and a total of 460 square meters in the property are for sale.

“That ad looks pretty embarrassing. If I owned the property, I would pull the tapes off, ”says Vesa Maja.

The property owner did not want to comment on the matter to HS in his name, but said his resources were no longer sufficient to remove new blemishes that appear weekly in the ad.

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The taped windows of the solarium studio and laundry, which have already closed at the corner of Hämeentie and Torkkelinkatu, are prominently displayed in Kallio.

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