HS Helsinki The whole world eats the everyday view of the people of Helsinki with their eyes – “Above all, it is a summer feeling,” says the photographer who accidentally created the phenomenon.

According to the photographer, the secret of the popularity of the hit image spreading in Some is the summer mood. Whether he sees anything political in the picture, he says, is in the eye of the beholder.

Is end of May 2018.

Two trams of the first line meet under the lime trees of Mäkelänkatu in a gentle early summer glow.

Finnish-Estonian amateur photographer Ants Vahter standing on the rails and waiting for a unique moment. Then he presses the camera trigger – rap! Just the right blink of an eye after the rain is stored on the memory card.

“It’s not such a rare moment now,” Vahter corrects the reporter’s painting and laughs.

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Maple has been at the center of international popularity in recent days.

His more than four-year-old photo of Helsinki’s Vallila came to life when it came to Twitter. Philadelphia Daniel Trubman first shared the picture on his own wall with glorifying proverbs: “Whatever this ever fits into my principles”.

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The picture was later shared by, among others, a Democrat in the U.S. House of Representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. He wrote about the “new green deal” [green new deal] . The most popular politician has more than 13 million followers.

In total, Vahter’s image has already garnered more than 137,000 likes and more than 10,000 retweets.

From what the wild popularity you feel, Ants Vahter?

“I saw the picture on Facebook last week, and I thought it looked familiar. Then I started looking at how much of it was liked around the world. I was really surprised and happy. And I still am! ”

Vahter from Vuosaari has been filming in Helsinki for six years. Already in 2020 In an interview with HS Vahter said that his favorite shooting location was Mäkelänkatu.

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He has shared his pictures of Helsinki with his own @antsvahter-To their instagram account. He has made small sums of money when, for example, Visit Finland and My Helsinki have bought his pictures.

Maple says that the good thing about the famous picture is that it includes everyday things for many (public transport), an unfamiliar but wonderful location for many (Mäkelänkatu linden streets), a summer atmosphere and a suitable feeling of movement.

Vahter says the contrast in the picture is also good, as the trams seem to run right in the middle of nature. He also increased the contrast with image editing.

The image has been widely distributed, inspired by green ideas. Whether you see something political in the picture, according to Vahter, depends on the viewer. The photographer himself sees in the picture a glimpse into the future fantasy.

“It’s greenery and maybe it’s a‘ green new deal ’, but most of all it’s about the summer vibe”.

HS reports in 2019, in connection with the renovation, 107 poor trees will be pruned from the lime tree and 78 new saplings will be planted in its place.

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Renovation work is scheduled to begin in 2024.

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Read more: The wood line on Mäkelänkatu became an international phenomenon, but is there such a wonderful sight on your home street?

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