HS Helsinki The war is not yet felt in the driver’s wallet in Helsinki, but the service station trustee has a cold message: “The direction is pretty clear”

In Helsinki, you can pay about two euros a liter for fuel, but worse may come when the war in Ukraine destroys the economy.

Ukraine the war may soon be felt in the wallets of motorists as fuel prices are expected to rise further.

Fuel prices started to rise sharply last autumn, with liter prices hovering around two euros across the country. Back in January last year, prices per liter were 1.5 euros on both sides.

Slightly Surprisingly, the repercussions of the war were not yet visible on the nearest pumps in central Helsinki on Monday.

For example, on Helsinki’s Ratakatu at Neste’s cold station, 95-octane petrol cost EUR 1.976 per liter. The information appears when users update From the Tank app.

According to the application, the price peaked the day before the Russian invasion. At the time, last Wednesday, a 95-octane cost € 1.989 per liter.

Thus, prices seem to have fallen somewhat in the heart of Helsinki.

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The war in Ukraine not yet reflected in prices, strengthens private positions by CEO of Liikennepalvelukauppiaat ry Jari Salonen.

“Yes, this will certainly have an effect with some delay, as it will affect all prices. And yes, the direction is pretty clear. I don’t think the situation will make it more affordable, at least. We are already in the wild Summers. ”

Salonen does not dare to estimate how much the price of fuel could possibly rise.

“It simply came to our notice then. It depends on so many things, such as the duration of the war and how it affects other areas of production. The solutions that are being taken at EU and national level are having a profound effect. ”

Possible New sanctions on Russia would bring big changes to Finland. It is estimated that about 90 percent of Finland’s crude oil comes from Russia.

“For example, whether the state begins to compensate for the price increase with a more lenient approach to taxation also affects the price increase,” says Salonen.

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Several consumers began boycotting the Teboil chain shortly after the Russian invasion. The backbone of Teboil is the Russian Lukoil, which owns the Finnish Oy Teboil Ab 100%.

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Salonen asks people to consider the effects of the boycott on Finnish entrepreneurs and their families. According to Salonen, Teboil retailers are responsible for their own business and the service stations directly employ about 800 Finnish employees.

“Teboil buys most of its fuel from a Finnish refiner and the rest from Western Europe,” says Salonen.

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