HS Helsinki The secret gem of Eastern Helsinki is revealed from the lumen of a concrete suburb: This is how a unique park glows, where until recently, balding drunken straps held power.

Thirty years ago, Treasure Park was a gloomy woodland from which residents collected beer bottles after the weekends. Now it’s a green paradise where birds sing and the rapids roar.

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Mellunkylänpuro flows through the treasure park.

Vilma Ikola HS

3.6. 7:00 | Updated 3.6. 9:25

Kosken noise and birds singing. They are the only sounds in Vesala’s Treasure Park, although only a few minutes’ walk from Mellunmäki metro station is hammered with devotion.

Yesterday’s rains still appear as drops on the leaves of the plants. And there are enough leaves. The park, which is just over an acre in size, has over a hundred different plant species and a total of thousands of plants. With the advent of summer, they have already shed the gray of winter and are preparing to bloom.

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