HS Helsinki The logs were confused about Helsinki’s new bins – “Does this make any sense?”

Yellow trash cans installed around the city center have collected gravel sounds on social media. Birds get to mess up debris from open baskets.

Helsinki along the bike paths, during the summer, one could see yellow oblique trash cans into which cyclists can throw their trash. Sometimes the sight is rugged: logs get to spread debris from open containers around.

Helsinki Rane Jetti lives along Hämeentie. A yellow metal pipe was installed on his home street in May.

“The first time I saw it, I rewound to see if it made any sense here.”

Jet finds it strange that a cyclist should aim at the trash cans for speed. The rubbish bin on Hämeentie is also on a downhill slope, which makes it difficult to screen and stop.

The saddest thing Jet thinks, though, is that the birds get to spread the debris. It makes the street look messy.

“It’s a really boring thing.”

Helsinki project manager for the city’s urban environment industry Juha Paahtio says it is still too early to say whether the yellow rubbish bins will remain in the street scene permanently. So far, he says, they have had quite a bit of use.

Roast says he noticed that the trash cans sparked discussion on social media from time to time. The feedback has been both positive and negative.

“There are a few remarks about trash cans that need to be considered in future planning.”

The diagonally mounted, open trash can provides birds with easy access to the trash. According to Roast, with regard to the bins, you also have to look at and think about how the containers work with water and snow: can the water and snow get out of the container automatically or does the basket collect everything inside.

The idea for oblique trash cans comes from Copenhagen, Denmark.

“They must have worked there when they were brought here,” Paahtio says.

Trash cans are part of the Fillaroiva Stadi campaign, which aims to improve the flow of cycling in the city. The campaign is part of the Omastadi project in Helsinki’s participatory budgeting.

Ten oblique bins have been placed around the city center: Hämeentie, Töölönlahti, Merikannontie, Kaisaniemenpuisto, Pohjoisranta and Baana.

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