HS Helsinki The leg of a hoofed animal was found under a car from Töölö without an explanation: “I have seen bras and shoes on the road after the weekend, but I have not seen a hoof before”

An animal’s foot was found on Aurorankatu. It has probably been dragged to the street by a fox or raccoon dog.

ADVANTAGE Passed on Aurorankatu Patrick Wikblad collided with a strange sight on Monday morning. An animal parked under a car parked by the roadside.

“I’ve seen bras and shoes on the road after the weekend, but I haven’t spotted my hoof before,” says Wikblad.

Wikblad thinks it’s the foot of an ungulate.

Major tool clerk Paula Laukkanen The Helsinki Game Management Association estimates that this is a foot of a roe deer.

“It’s so small. And most of the ungulates that die in the Helsinki area are deer. ”

There are about 80 game crashes in the Helsinki area every year, and most of them, about 70, are goat crashes.

Anyone It is hardly possible to tell with certainty how the foot of a roe deer got to Etu-Töölö, but Laukkanen has a good bet.

“It’s probably left under the car, and the motorist hasn’t reported it to police. Then an animal, a fox or a raccoon dog, has dragged a foot here. ”

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According to Laukkanen, sometimes big dogs are also killed by big dogs.

“Sometimes a dog deer is really loose in Helsinki, and a big dog can be killed by a deer.”

Laukkanen does not believe that any of the bigger animals have been killed by goats.

“When a beast has eaten such a large animal, people may worry about wolves here, but that’s hardly the case.”

Laukkanen reminds that in the event of a game accident, it is good to report it immediately to the emergency number. In this case, the injured animals can be killed quickly and will not suffer.

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