HS Helsinki The journey of a wedding cake through tram rails and cobblestones in Helsinki is a grueling thriller that doesn’t always end well: “That feeling was just awful”

Before cutting the wedding cake, the crown of the coffee table may have traveled a journey whose stress is not even known to visit. HS Helsinki followed the transport of the wedding cake from Vallila to Suomenlinna through tram rails and cobbled streets.

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Entrepreneur Pia Ursinus carries a wedding cake in the car. The patisserie is located on the second floor, so the stairs are the first challenge of the trip.

Vilma Ikola HS



The cake rests in the refrigerator in Vallila. There are only three layers in a cake filled with chocolate, cream cheese and strawberries. The fourth layer is applied during the finishing step. Finishing the confectionery Cake bead entrepreneur Pia Ursinus makes a party at Suomenlinna.

First, the cake just needs to get to the island.

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