HS Helsinki The iconic lighthouse threatens to crash and at the same time lose some of its maritime history – “The budget is zero,” says the skipper who sent the biblical emergency letter to HS

The 110-year-old former lighthouse ship Helsinki, which is now “sailing” under the name S / S Hyöky, is familiar from many events in Eteläsatama and Kauppatori. Now the ship’s money and at the same time the sky is over.

Red a piece of the history of Finnish shipping is in danger of sinking into history: the former lighthouse ship Helsinki is threatened with a fateful shipwreck, worries the ship’s spiritual master Jorma Patanen.

Patanen sent a letter to HS by post stating:

Now I am at the intersection of two lanes. One leads to “Fire of Hell at the Teijo factory” (scrap yard), and the other to “hope and glory” in Helsinki.

Now Patanen continues by phone from Hamina:

“The budget is zero.”

S / S Hyöky swims at the pier in the Tervasaari district of Hamina. Helsinki residents and visitors to the capital are familiar with the ship from the herring market in the South Harbor and the Market Square.

In 2015, Jorma “Patu” Patanen, the head of S / S Hyöky, introduced a smuggled bottle of alcohol.

According to Jorma “Patu” Patanen, it is now the place to send the SOS distress alert.

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“I have been following with interest the upcoming change in the South Harbor. That’s where Hyöky would fit under the windows of money launderers, ”says Patanen.

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S / S Hyöky alias lighthouse Helsinki is 110 years old this year. The ship was completed in 1912 in St. Petersburg, Russia, and became a lighthouse in the name of Libauskij in front of the port city of Liepaja in Lithuania.

The lighthouse ships directed traffic through the shallows, on which no bottom beacons had been built.

The ship sailed to Finland as a prey in 1917. In 1918–1921, the lighthouse floated in the Relander shallow off Rauma. It was named Relandersgrund, and the ship was painted red.

The ship was moved to the Äransgrund shallow off Helsinki in 1921, and the lighthouse was named Äransgrund according to its location. In 1934 the ship was renamed, now Helsinki.

After the completion of the Helsinki lighthouse in 1959, after the repair and conversion work, the lighthouse Helsinki became a support vessel for sea surveying under the name Hyöky. The current owner, Haminan Höyrylaiva oy, bought the vessel in a tender in 1983.

Last For decades, S / S Hyöky has operated as a restaurant ship, an attraction and a museum.

According to Patanen, the ship has been sailing on a zero budget for almost forty years.

“I consider it Finland’s number one ship. There is no more devil left. Talkers and others are dead, ”he says.

“I would donate it to a man if the South Bank circles and the gentlemen of Helsinki were interested or a dock and renovation funded by a foundation. That’s where it belongs in Helsinki. ”

“I have no more devil left. Talkers and others are dead. ”

“Admiral” Patanen estimates the strength of his crew to be around 5,000.

“Everything is recruited, generals and admirals,” he says, and also lists names from the world of entertainment, such as Clown Million, Remu Aaltonen and Veikko Lavin.

Although Patanen is known as a man of humor, he is seriously worried about the future of the lighthouse ship M / S Hyöky in Helsinki. Hamina does not have enough people to keep the ship’s finances afloat.

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According to Patanen, the ship has visited Helsinki “35–45 times”. He would like to see it permanently in the South Harbor or Hietalahti.

Patanen says that he once offered Hyöky to the then mayor To Jussi Pajunen and the port manager Heikki to Nissinen.

“It was in the herring market. First shot was fired with a cannon, and after Jussi had given a speech and had taken the bangs, it was suggested what if Hyöky was handed over to Helsinki. ‘Too expensive a gift to receive’ was the answer, ”he says.

Whether you defined Ulla Lehtinen and Wenzel Hagelstam once the value of the surge is over Antiques, antiques in the program: EUR 0 to 1 000 000.

Patanen’s own assessment is unyielding: “This is a nationally valuable ship.”

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Jorma Patanen (right) presented the machinery of M / S Hyöky to Seppo “Lennu” Koskinen in the Helsinki herring market in 2001.

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