HS Helsinki The host, who has spectacularly taken over Jolla Manor, stops working like a wall and moves out of Helsinki: “Now is the time to do something else”

Jollasen kartano oy, which leased the manor, will cease operations at the end of April. The company managed to operate in the manor for about a year and a half.

Jollaksen The manor’s operations will end on the last day of April in Helsinki. The termination is based on the city’s decision not to renew the lease agreement with Jollasen kartano oy.

The city of Helsinki owns the manor, and Jollasen kartano oy has been a tenant in it since the beginning of 2020. As late as December, the manor host Antti Tuomola there were big plans for the future.

Meetings, parties and sauna evenings were organized at the manor. In December, Tuomola told HS Helsinki that his goal was to “bring life here”.

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The lease with the city was signed in 2020 and was to run for three years. Tuomola wanted to continue operations after 2023 and suggested a discussion to the city representative about the extension of the lease. However, the city said it would not negotiate a contract extension.

Following the negative response, Tuomola decided to close down completely now, more than a year before the end of the agreement.

“A year and a half sounds like a long time, of course, but in a company where you have to invest money, it’s a short time,” he explains the background to the decision.

According to Tuomola, the remaining time would not have been enough to convert the investments back into cash, so the entrepreneur decided to close down completely.

Town’s despite the decision, Tuomola does not feel betrayed in the matter. The agreement between the parties was concluded for three years and there were no promises to continue.

“There has been no legal violation or even ethical betrayal of the promise in any case,” says Tuomola.

If someone intends to become Jollas’ new manor owner in the future, Tuomola promises to offer his help to the newcomer. However, he himself no longer cries out to wash.

“That work has been instructive and nice and I made bells. Now is the time to do something else. ”

Antti Tuomola photographed in the manor area from late autumn.­

For the former for the manor owner, something else can now be found in Tampere, where the family has already acquired a home. A three-hundred-kilo stove acquired for the manor will be included, around which a new hobby may be built.

“I’ll take a new heater and see if there is a suitable place to set up a new sauna, because people have to have a public sauna.”

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