HS Helsinki The “fan club” of the legendary bar misses its closed heel in Malmi – Now they took the candles to the door and held a quiet moment

A number of former customers of Tillika, the corner cup of Malmi, which was closed last autumn, wanted to honor the memory of the place with relevant dignity.

Malmin The operation of the legendary restaurant Tillika, located next to the station in Helsinki, ended last November.

The other spaces in the building are also empty as the building is demolished. An eight-storey house will be built on the site.

Dill has been in the same location since 1963, so it’s no wonder the restaurant’s memory still lives on in the hearts of former customers. Especially for those who remember Tillika’s heyday.

One of them is Noora Ahonen. He says that at the turn of the millennium and even after that, Tillikka was a place downstairs that could be queued up.

“Tillikka came even further to spend the evening. Various theme parties were held downstairs and there were often performers or DJs there, ”says Ahonen.

According to him, Tillikka was no longer the same in its last years of operation.

“It kind of sniffed into a pile, and eventually it really became just a watering can. Perhaps there were more competitors and actors in the industry who were able to acquire well-known artists to perform. It may be that waiting for the decision to demolish the building also affected operations. ”

A dozen years ago Noora Ahonen thought about her husband Timo Ahosen with the fact that neither of them had hardly visited Malmi’s restaurants, even though they were both from Malmi.

“That’s when we remembered that oh yes, Tillik also exists and many have talked about it. We asked a few friends to join us. Tillika immediately became a kind of heel, or at least a place where you have had to visit acquaintances from time to time, ”says Noora Ahonen.

Ahoset and their friends organize a bar tour of Malmi every summer, the so-called Tour de Malmi. During that time, 14 local restaurants will be visited. There are varying numbers of participants, and it can accommodate people of all ages.

This summer’s round was the ninth, and was held last Saturday. Noora Ahonen estimates that more than ten participants were present this year.

“The age distribution is perhaps 20 to 45 years old, and everyone has their own, important memories of local restaurants. For many people living in peak years, such an event is the only opportunity to meet old friends. The purpose of the Tour de Malmi is not to get drunk, but to meet friends. Now there were participants from Luumäki, ”says Noora Ahonen.

The Tour de Malm has a different theme every year. This year, the theme was chosen to be Christmas, last year local restaurants were toured dressed in ruler-themed outfits.

Next year, the Tour de Malmi will be ten years old, and in honor of it, the tour will have a gala theme.

“A red carpet has already been acquired for this, which is always spread in front of each restaurant,” laughs Noora Ahonen.

Previous years Tillikka has naturally been part of the tour, so the restaurant was wanted to be considered this year as well. Tour de Malmilla did not recall the last days of the restaurant, but its heyday.

“We brought candles and flowers in front of the restaurant and a card with a memoir. We also had a quiet moment at the restaurant. We thought that Tillikka deserves a decent goodbye, ”says Noora Ahonen.

He posted pictures of Tillika’s farewell on a local Facebook group. Many residents or former residents of Malmi have commented on the update.

“Tillika clearly has a place in the hearts of the people of Ore. I don’t know what it will be filled with in the future, ”says Noora Ahonen.

According to Ahonen, many Malmians are frustrated by the demolition and closure trend.

“It’s unfortunate if all the old local history disappears from Malmi. I don’t know anyone who would be happy about the closure of the airport, for example. ”

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